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Stay awake so as not to fall into hacker traps

According to Luu Dinh Thang, Product Manager of Coc Coc Browser, because people’s intellectual level is increasing, the tricks of hackers when faking forms, features and interfaces on websites are also increasingly sophisticated. Because. However, many people still have a subjective mentality, considering their personal information is not too important. This leads to them being easily trusted. Comments about the case were taken advantage of by hackers, endangering themselves and their loved ones.

Cốc Cốc cùng hành trình bền bỉ trả lại màu xanh cho không gian mạng, dẹp sạch web xấu - Ảnh 1.

Mr. Luu Dinh Thang, Coc Coc Browser Product Manager.

Typically, recently, 10,000 Vietnamese users with 17 GB of KYC (Know Your Customer) personal data, including many photos of people’s identity cards, citizen IDs, household registration books, selfie photos, etc., were believed. hackers for sale on a hacker forum.

Commenting on the incident, the National Cyber ​​Security Monitoring Center (NCSC) said that this amount of data may come from services that require names, addresses, and numbers. phone, double-sided photo of personal documents such as online money lending service, virtual money account service.

Worth mentioning, Mr. Ngo Minh Hieu (Hieu PC) – Information security engineer of NCSC, co-founder of said that these forms of fraud have not shown any signs of stopping but will continue to increase and day by day. larger scale, more sophisticated.

“They will target individuals, celebrities and large corporations, organizations and economic enterprises that affect the national level. Moreover, being scammed money online will not decrease because of awareness. Information security of users is still poor,” said Mr. Ngo Minh Hieu.

Use a secure browser – the simplest way to secure information

More worryingly, experts said, the types of online scams that have long been popular in foreign countries are also gradually gaining popularity in Vietnam.

Accordingly, the experts have come up with a number of information security solutions for individuals and businesses such as: Limit the installation of applications, tools, and software and only install them when absolutely necessary; Enable and install the security features available in the device; Regularly back up data on the device;…

Besides the above solutions, Mr. Luu Dinh Thang said, the simplest way to secure information and avoid online fraud is to use secure browsers like Coc Coc. Because it is not only a secure browser built on international standards, but Coc Coc also develops a set of security features to protect users.

Most significant is the upgraded Safe Browsing feature. This is Coc Coc’s leading feature in protecting users from online threats and has the ability to warn against bad websites. In particular, this feature helped Coc Coc browser win the Sao Khue Prize 2021 in the field of information security and safety.

Cốc Cốc cùng hành trình bền bỉ trả lại màu xanh cho không gian mạng, dẹp sạch web xấu - Ảnh 2.

The success of Coc Coc browser is thanks to its safe and effective features exclusively for Vietnamese people.

Accordingly, through the Safe Browsing feature in particular and the Green Shield Campaign in general, users can directly report “suspicious” websites to Coc Coc to check and warn other users. This is a simple and highly effective way to help users easily identify which websites are scams.

After receiving user reports about bad and fraudulent websites, Coc Coc, NCSC and Experts team will conduct reliability verification, synthesis and check the listed websites in turn. Report once an hour. If unsafe elements are detected, Operation Green Shield will immediately update these websites to the blacklist to warn users widely.

Cốc Cốc cùng hành trình bền bỉ trả lại màu xanh cho không gian mạng, dẹp sạch web xấu - Ảnh 3.

Steps for users to join hands to clean up the bad web thanks to the Green Shield Campaign.

Up to now, Coc Coc’s bad web warning list has listed tens of thousands of websites, worthy of the current largest “shield” to protect maximum internet users. In addition, this list is always updated by the Coc Coc team, NCSC, and from the community of more than 25 million internet users to ensure questionable websites are not “fallen into the net”.

In addition to the Safe Browsing feature, Coc Coc also has two more features: Ad Filtering, SafeSearch to protect internet users more comprehensively. With the ad filtering feature, thanks to the integration of Adblock Plus technology, Coc Coc can protect users against fraud risks and reduce browsing traffic, helping to load pages faster, save battery and mobile data. . The SafeSearch feature allows users to avoid accessing adult content (pornography) when searching. Through On/Off mode, users will have the right to choose the content they access safely and effectively.

In the next phase, Coc Coc, NCSC and Hieu PC agreed that the Green Shield Campaign not only stopped at warning users of malicious and fraudulent websites, but also took more drastic actions. , such as removing or shutting down those websites. However, in order for this solution to work as much as possible, internet users should continue to join hands to report bad websites and fake websites at Green Shield Campaign , for a safer Internet for Vietnamese people.

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