Coc Coc browser and search engine after 8 years: “crazy man” and miraculous comeback

Tram Ho

“Crazy man” fights with eggs

In 2008, three Vietnamese students studying in Russia returned home with a “crazy” dream of building a separate search engine for Vietnamese people. In 2010, Coc Coc was established, but it was not until May 14, 2013, that Coc Coc Searching Company was officially launched. And not long after that was the Coc Coc browser.

At that time, Coc Coc was considered a “crazy man”, “fighting with eggs”. “Is it a ‘dream come true’ or is it necessary to ‘stop dreaming’?” – once commented on the future of Coc Coc like that. Those doubts were completely grounded because at that time, the names that dared to declare war on Google such as Socbay, Xalo, Quick Search… were all forgotten. Meanwhile, the process of building and developing Coc Coc encountered many difficulties when it took up to 3 years, after many delays, to officially launch.

With all the effort, passion and dreams of a “crazy”, Coc Coc then found the right direction. Specifically, Coc Coc focuses on developing the browser and search engine in parallel instead of just developing the search engine as before. With unremitting efforts, Coc Coc has gradually broken the prejudices of users and experts about a Vietnamese technology product.

Trình duyệt và công cụ tìm kiếm Cốc Cốc sau 8 năm: “kẻ điên” và cú lội ngược dòng thần kỳ - Ảnh 1.

Coc Coc won many great and excellent awards and was honored with TOP 10 Sao Khue 2021

Currently, Coc Coc has been recognized by users and created a lot of buzz about domestic and international products and services. Recently, Coc Coc was also honored to receive the title of Top 10 Sao Khue 2021 with the advertising platform product Coc Coc – Coc Coc Ad Platform. Also at the awards ceremony, Coc Coc won 4 awards in the fields of Digital Content; the field of Education and training; the field of Security, information security and the field of Advertising, Marketing and Digital Communication. In addition, the Safe Browsing feature developed by Coc Coc is also highly appreciated by the National Cyber ​​Security Monitoring Center (NCSC) and many security and network security experts. In particular, Coc Coc Mobile has passed many strict standards to become the default browser for both Android and iOS. This is also the only Vietnamese representative to do this.

Entering the 8th year, with the above achievements, Coc Coc becomes one of the rare Vietnamese technology representatives, daring to confront the giants. Currently, Coc Coc has been the TOP 2 favorite browser and search engine in Vietnam with more than 25 million users, 44% market share on desktop and 16% market share on mobile (According to The Connected report). Consumer of Decision Lab).

Small change, big meaning

Starting from the initial success with the download feature and correcting spelling errors, Coc Coc has constantly improved its products according to the needs of Vietnamese users. A product development representative of Coc Coc shared: “With a product like Coc Coc, even the smallest change has an impact on millions of users. That’s why we always carefully research and improve. Coc Coc for products to meet the needs of Vietnamese people, and at the same time must meet technical and security standards equivalent to the world’s leading technology platforms.

According to this representative, Coc Coc’s products set three goals for improvement, including: fast, safe, and convenient. Specifically, the fast criterion is put on top, in which Coc Coc focuses on optimizing the browser to help load pages quickly and download music and videos quickly with just one “click”. Besides, to ensure the safety of users, Coc Coc introduces Advanced Safe Browsing – Safe Browsing along with Adblock – Adblock tool.

Trình duyệt và công cụ tìm kiếm Cốc Cốc sau 8 năm: “kẻ điên” và cú lội ngược dòng thần kỳ - Ảnh 2.

Safe Browsing feature warns of fake websites to help protect users when browsing the web

At the same time, Coc Coc develops many other utilities to enhance the user experience such as a sidebar that enhances multitasking; Coc Coc Read News synthesizes official news, quickly and on the right topics of interest to users thanks to the deep application of AI in the operation process.

Write the next chapter for the future of Coc Coc

Thanks to reasonable changes, a 1-0-2 working spirit and always trying to understand its users, Coc Coc gradually changed the prejudice about a poor quality domestic product. Many users have trusted and even praised a technology product “Make in Vietnam”. “Thanks to Coc Coc for the past few days for having a tutor video dictionary so that I can get the top results like today.” – a young user of Coc Coc shared about the feature of Coc Coc learning and sharing on the app market. Thus, the change in prejudice and support for the technology product “Make in Vietnam” opens up a bright future not only for Coc Coc but also for other Vietnamese technology products and businesses.

The direction of Coc Coc is exactly like what Minister Nguyen Manh Hung shared: “Every business should start a big aspiration with a small thing, and do that small thing with a great desire, with a great love. “. Each small feature developed by Coc Coc has big aspirations, which is to serve the actual needs of Vietnamese people, so that users will accompany Coc Coc to go further.

Sharing about Coc Coc’s orientation in the near future, Ms. Dao Thu Phuong – Coc Coc Deputy General Director said that in addition to continuing to develop the browser and search segment, the company will research and develop more. new features, aimed at users in small cities and rural areas.

Putting the user at the center, all features and products are derived from the needs of Vietnamese users will definitely help Coc Coc go further. From a “crazy”, Coc Coc now has the right to be proud of what the company has done. The success of Coc Coc products is a testament to the fact that technology products developed by Vietnam are also trusted and loved by Vietnamese people. Let’s support Coc Coc in the upcoming journey.

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