Cloud “craze”, development opportunities for businesses or risks of security holes?

Tram Ho

In 2019, Juniper Networks excelled in achieving the highest rank in the “Recommended” category of NSS Labs in the Data Center Security Gateway (DCSG) Report. This is a strong demonstration of Juniper Connected Security’s ability to effectively prevent enterprise data threats in the real world environment, enabling organizations to deploy threat prevention not only at the firewall, but also over the entire network.

With Juniper Connected Security, we can fully identify threats to deal with, identify high-priority threats and provide automated protection.

– Understand what is happening on the network: With Juniper Connect Security, businesses can identify all factors affecting the network through the ability to deeply exploit, display network classification and capture. Catch up on the threats.

– Automation automation: The ability to integrate effectively with network devices and third-party security tools to ensure consistent security policy as well as protection against new attacks.

– Protect your organization: Coordinate to prevent threats that are detected from terminals or intermediate data cloud services

“Cơn sốt” điện toán đám mây, cơ hội phát triển cho doanh nghiệp hay rủi ro về lỗ hổng bảo mật? - Ảnh 1.

Applying these comprehensive security advantages to the new generation SRX300 Series Service Gateway system, Juniper Networks has created a breakthrough with the aim of upgrading network security systems for small and medium enterprises in the market. Vietnam.

Here are the top features and benefits of the new Juniper Networks SRX Series firewall that businesses should be concerned about.

The next-generation firewall is a more advanced version of the traditional firewall, including traditional firewall features plus packet content inspection – SSL / TLS decryption to detect threats. threat lies deep in encrypted packets, thereby activating intrusion prevention mechanisms.

In addition, the new generation SRX Series firewall also integrates URL filtering, application filtering, malware download / upload prevention, virus protection, user control / network access control, etc. threat signatures are also constantly updated to quickly detect and prevent new threats, something traditional firewalls do not do.

• Protect against application security threats and manage bandwidth usage by increasing control with application control – AppSecure

• Save time and simplify the management of security policies by combining the use of security policies in systems and users

• Help businesses fight network attacks with intrusion detection and prevention (IPS) system, allowing custom IPS Signature policies.

• Preventing intentional attacks – Advanced Threat Prevention.

• Protect your business against malware, viruses, phishing attacks, spam and other threats through the Unified Threat Management (UTM) feature

• Synchronize activities with centralized management solution with Junos Space Security Director.

“Cơn sốt” điện toán đám mây, cơ hội phát triển cho doanh nghiệp hay rủi ro về lỗ hổng bảo mật? - Ảnh 2.

SRX300 product lines are available that ADG distribute in Vietnam market

Genuine distributor of Juniper Networks new generation firewall in Vietnam.

With the continuous transformation of digital technology, upgrading the enterprise management model to cloud computing is a very necessary work. As a result, more and more businesses are using next-generation firewalls to increase their ability to fight cyber threats.

From 2019, ADG is proud to become the first domestic distributor of Juniper Networks brand devices in Vietnam market.With 15 years of experience as a distributor of technology products, telecommunications equipment on Nationwide, we are committed to providing genuine products, imported CBU and full manufacturer’s warranty at a very competitive price.

For more information about Juniper Networks product lines, please contact ADG at the following information:

– Hanoi Headquarters: 098 345 6890 (Mr. Dung)
– Ho Chi Minh City Branch: 094 279 9997 (Mr. Tuan Anh)
– Da Nang Branch: 0973 777 733 (Mr. Lam)
– Can Tho Branch: 0947 999 849 (Mr. Toan)

“Cơn sốt” điện toán đám mây, cơ hội phát triển cho doanh nghiệp hay rủi ro về lỗ hổng bảo mật? - Ảnh 3.

Pictures in the announcement ADG is the official distributor of Juniper Networks in Vietnam

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