Close-up of the latest point in iPhone 14 Pro design

Tram Ho

The upcoming iPhone 14 Pro models will see the appearance of a new round hole punch + pill screen that simplifies the notch design. Much information has proven this and the latest image from Ice Universe on Twitter really gives everyone a close look at this replacement.


Cận cảnh điểm mới nhất trong thiết kế iPhone 14 Pro - Ảnh 1.

Well-known leak source Ice Universe posted an image on Twitter of a purported fake iPhone 14 Pro that focuses on the new notch design. It’s a pill-shaped cut on the left and a punched round hole on the right. The former will contain Face ID components, and it is likely that the tablet will have a uniform black color, meaning users won’t be able to see the cuts inside the pill. The round hole will cover the selfie camera – an element visible like on current iPhones.

This design on the iPhone 14 Pro is intended to provide users with secure 3D facial authentication, and Apple’s current TrueDepth system really has no competition. Several Android handset vendors have tried to replicate it since Apple launched the iPhone X. But these Face ID alternatives didn’t really become a permanent feature, and Google’s Pixel 4 is a prime example of that.

Cận cảnh điểm mới nhất trong thiết kế iPhone 14 Pro - Ảnh 2.

Because the TrueDepth system is important, Apple needs to switch to a pill-shaped design with a round hole to ensure it works in the context of a simplified notch design. It would be an iPhone with components on the front hidden under the active areas of the screen.

Moreover, making holes in the iPhone 14 Pro screen will give a completely new look that Android vendors have not yet copied. People will see that the phone with two cutouts at the top is the iPhone.

As for the regular iPhone 14 models, they will stick with the regular notch that the iPhone 13 had last year.

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