“Click like, get a subsidy of 150,000 VND for electricity”: The subsidy is nowhere to be seen, only to lose money!

Tram Ho

Recently, some Zalo users received a message from someone who claimed to be an employee of the power company, talking about the power shortage and saying that the company “is urgently in need of a group of volunteers to spread the spirit of the future.” mutual affection”.

“Currently, at my corporation, urgently need a group of volunteers, to spread the spirit of mutual affection… I just need to like the official website of the Vietnam Electricity Corporation to have a subsidy of 150,000 VND immediately. support will be granted for 30 days, and distributed at 2:30 p.m. daily…Online jobs need 1 smartphone to work, 1 bank account to receive money”, this account said about the program.

"Click like, get a subsidy of 150,000 VND for electricity": The subsidy is nowhere to be seen, only lost money! - Photo 1.

The message between the impostor and the user about the program “Click like, receive a subsidy of 150,000 electricity bills”! (Photo: EVNNPC)

If you agree, the account will send the user a strange link, for example xlink.vn/***, requesting access to do the task.

However, the website of Northern Electricity Corporation (EVNNPC) said that the electricity industry is not currently recruiting volunteers or collaborators via chat application or texting to customers from any account, personal phone number. any.

“Customers do not provide personal information, do not access strange links when receiving such messages,” the website warns.

EVNNPC confirmed that the Electricity industry does not have information about recruiting volunteers/collaborators via Zalo; or message customers from any personal account or phone number. All notices of EVNNPC are sent to customers through the following forms:

– SMS: is the identity message of the Electricity Company.

– Zalo message: the sender is the zalo OA page of the Northern Electricity Corporation.

– Email Customer Care Center: cskh@npc.com.vn

– Fanpage of Customer Care Center: Northern Electricity

In order to prevent the phenomenon of impersonating and performing customer fraud that affects the reputation of the Electricity industry, EVNNPC would like to request that customers raise their vigilance, do not provide personal information, do not access when you receive a message impersonating the Electricity industry from Zalo or from any other social network, messaging application such as Telegram, Messenger, Viber, …

For any doubtful or verified information, please contact Customer Service Center hotline 19006769 (online 24/7) for answers.

The status of impersonating electricity employees, electricity company websites appears a lot, in the context of high demand for electricity. Before that, many people also reported receiving calls from people claiming to be employees of the electricity company, informing the listener that they would “have a power outage within two hours”, or were in breach of a contract on electricity. some electricity. The scammer will ask listeners to provide personal information for investigation.

Source: Northern Electricity Corporation (EVNNPC)

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