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Tram Ho

Circle Payment is a product that allows individuals and businesses to pay and send payments globally with a single account. Customers can pay through many forms such as Bank, payment card or crypto wallet.

1. Circle Payment Operation Model

Circle Payment allows users to pay with fiat currency via bank, card,… or USDC through a cryptocurrency wallet. This amount will be deposited into the Circle Account.

The payment amount when returning to Circle Account, can be sent via other users’ e-wallets, or sent to a bank account (supporting more than 87 countries) or ACH – a form of payment in the United States.

It can be seen that the Circle Account plays a central role, circulating money from Payment and Payonts products. Due to the convenience, organizations that want to work with Circle need to create a Circle Account.

2. Pricing

As mentioned above, organizations that want to cooperate with Circle need to create a Circle Account. According to the pricing plan listed on Circle’s homepage, the default rate for payment service is $1000/month with a rather high fixed transaction fee rate below (perhaps contact sales can be down somewhat). You can find more information here

3. Developer tools

Circle Payment as well as all services of Circle provide Developer with 3 main tools to support development including:

  • Sandbox environment link
  • API documentation link
  • Sampple app for testing api link
  • In addition, you can also test the api directly here

4. Sandbox account

As mentioned above, Circle provides a sandbox environment similar to the production environment that helps Developers integrate their products. To create an account, you access the following url and proceed to initialize

Tips: After creating an account, you will be automatically logged into the newly created account, but at this time the services do not appear enough on the interface (probably a bug of Circle hope when you read these lines) then CIrcle has fixed it) you should login again.

After successfully creating an account, we need to create an api key to use for the payment integration process into the system.

SETTING -> Sandbox API Keys -> Get new api key -> Save api key

All done, now you can start using the api in the sandbox environment with the newly created api.

In the following article, I will guide you how to integrate Circle Payment for FIAT payment with Card

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