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The UK is now in the summer, but somehow it doesn't matter. Every rain makes me miss home, remember bears, remember old stories. A few days ago, I heard that Yahoo has been selling for a while with a cheap fake for $ 4.5 billion (cheaper than having a haircut with a haircut). Thank you for the love and compassionate life, I have to write this article to see off Ya Hu, tell me about happy and sad memories, about "a time to remember".


Yahoo Messenger – People go chat, the house goes sour

Yahoo set foot in Vietnam around 2003-2005. At that time, wifi, smartphone, and Internet were not as popular as now, people have to go online to go online. At that time, the net shops were weak and the network was slow and slashed from 3k-5k per hour, making us all fasting and fasting, or begging for money from parents to "offer" to the shop.

At that time, 10 people came out to net, 8.9 users of Yahoo Messenger to chat. Just register a nick, choose a chat room, get a cute nick and send greetings and start chatting. Unlike Facebook, people didn't know who they were at the time, and the two sides were comfortable and relaxed, sharing enough things in the sky and the earth. That feeling, using facebook is never possible .


To make it easy to find your chat, you must have a nice avatar with a strange and strange nickname. So there are countless nicknames of funny sida that were born like:

  • boyhn_thichchoitroi
  • chaytheoxerac_timxacnguoiyeu
  • yeuemvatva_ketquanhukhong_hp
  • chaytheoxelua_uongsuacuaem
  • de0_thang_na0_c0_njck_gj0ng_ta0
  • anh_di_xe_tho_nhin_em_di_xe_hoi
  • demtanhon_choinhammevo (kneeling)

Yahoo is also quite a fake girl, cheating, cheating money. There is also a net saving culture : girls go to the net to play without money to pay, go online to find a nice brother or have money to pay for. After paying, the two went out to eat and then went to the hotel to discuss human life , sharing the joys and sorrows in life, talking about injustices in contemporary society. Although yahoo no longer uses it, it is unknown why this cultural beauty still exists until now .

Meet face to face, far away, familiar to strange

Yahoo Messenger is a bridge to bring lonely hearts together. There are very beautiful love stories, he and her acquaintance and love on Yahoo for 2 years, the two sides swear to the sea to meet the meeting and get married.

But Yahoo itself is what makes them apart. One day, he accidentally logged into her nick yahoo and bitterly discovered that she also released a similar audience with 4.5 bad guys. The story ends (not after), the lesson is: Don't ever reveal your Yahoo or Facebook nick to others !!!

Back then, girls were not asking for a phone number, Facebook nick, but asking … nick Yahoo. Speaking of small children, in the past (10th grade) I played TSOnline, I have a cute baby. Begged to entice a new guy to nick Yahoo to add. Children often ask me to tell love stories, both parties in the game and chat, but sometimes chat to forget the game. Approved for 6 months to get back, then ue … to quit the game, leave the chat. Thinking about it is also regretful, because when I was gentle, I met myself now, I must be tempted with meat, ahihi: ”>.


Yahoo 360 – Boi phi phi bucket

Before Camera 360, there was also another product called 360 which caused a lot of trouble in the online community – Yahoo 360. With Yahoo 360, everyone can create a blog site, share their feelings on it. . In the past, the posting of images was not as easy as it is now (I had to plug the phone into the phone, take the picture, find the place to upload it, paste the link to the image), so these blogs were almost the long lines of confidences. The movement of writing teen code also starts from here.


Yahoo 360 also has a ranking of famous bloggers based on views and archives. Because rankings and advertising money, you top the whirlwind to make enough way to see the game like: Post news tabloid, sensational news, provoke arousing quarrel to sentence view. Back then, I enjoyed going to see hot friends bloggers writing short stories, long stories, or cursing at each other. Unfortunately, at that time, I was still a child, but writing toidicodedao from then on is now famous.

Regretfully, an unfinished love story

After all, Yahoo has helped more Vietnamese young people know about the Internet and laptops. Today, looking at the symbol of childhood being sold at a cheap price, I suddenly found that the corner of my eyes was teary and bitter but I could not say anything. Well, even if I was a low-key talent, I also tried to "push" out a few words of toad condolences. Whoever criticizes me badly blocks.

That alone, Yahoo died, it was already dead, just hope that you will be safe and well where nine springs. No one knows in this world. Sometimes after 10-20 years after Apple, Google and Facebook also follow each other to follow the birth hump, mess, and Yahoo's car crash.

yahoo brother 13


Now, we use Gmail instead of Yahoo Mail, use Facebook instead of 360 and Messenger. However, Yahoo is still a symbol of childhood, reminiscent of the sad and happy things of a young buffalo childhood. The readers of toidicodedao are mostly 8-9x generation technology people , maybe there are quite a few sad and happy memories with Yahoo, right? Please share in the comment section!

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