Chinese netizens are “infecting” big tech companies Apple, Amazon and Samsung for this reason

Tram Ho

In the context of escalating political instability in Hong Kong recently, Weibo users in China have waged a war against technology companies that are not on the side of the country.

Cư dân mạng Trung Quốc đang “tức lây” các hãng công nghệ lớn Apple, Amazon và Samsung vì lý do này - Ảnh 1.

Specifically Apple is one of the first attack targets. Chinese netizens have found that the watch settings menu on the iPhone lists Taipei, Hong Kong and Macao with no corresponding countries. Meanwhile, many cities in China are still listed under Chinese territory.

Technology companies are not the only people accused of violating the principle of one China and not bringing Taiwan into one part of the country. However, due to the recent wave of protests in Hong Kong, another wave of calls to boycott brands that do not see Taiwan as a part of China has been formed.

Some other companies also took a joint blow with Apple, Amazon and Samsung. The cause is similar when some users discover submenus on Samsung smartphone settings and find that these products are also ignoring the mainland’s claim. The incident continued to become tense after pop star Lay Zhang ended his contract with Samsung because he thought the Korean electronics company had hurt the national spirit.

Meanwhile, Amazon is caught up in the sale of promotional T-shirts for demonstrations in Hong Kong. On August 14, shirts with Trenz messages labeled directly from Amazon for $ 15 are still on the shelves. But until the same day, the product was no longer sold.

Cư dân mạng Trung Quốc đang “tức lây” các hãng công nghệ lớn Apple, Amazon và Samsung vì lý do này - Ảnh 2.

In addition, Amazon quickly removed the products from the sales list and searched for shirts to cheer on the protest movement in Hong Kong.

Many Chinese netizens claim, Apple and many technology companies deserve it. In fact, Apple’s story has been heating up since years ago and just last year Apple held an event dedicated to introducing iPhone XS in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. In other words Apple has split the concept and made Chinese users unhappy.

The arrest of CFO Huawei Strong Man Chu and the US-China trade war is making Chinese netizens more sensitive to American companies. Many nationalists have called for a boycott of Apple and turned to support Huawei devices.

However, some people call on everyone to cool their heads and not be blindly patriotic.

Even some Weibo users have found that Huawei, like other technology firms, still lists Taiwan as a separate entity for China. Saying so to see patriotism sometimes needs to be in the right place.

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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ