China issues national professional standards for “sales live streaming”

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“Beijing Daily” reported that recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Cyberspace Administration of China and the National Administration of Broadcasting and Broadcasting have collaborated to issue technical standards. National Career Skills for “Internet Marketers”. Therefore, hot streamers like Ly Giai Ky and Vy A all need to pay attention.

According to the article, this is again an important moment after Internet marketers have a new profession. In 2020, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security released information on new occupations for Internet marketers. Among them, “Internet marketer” has added the category “Livestream sales”. Since then, sales livestream has become an official industry, Ly Giai Ky and Vi A have also been officially transferred.

Once converted into a full-fledged profession, it is impossible not to have professional standards. To date, the occupational skills standards for this new industry have finally been issued. By definition, an Internet marketer is a person who uses the interoperability and communication credibility of the Internet to market and promote a company’s products on digital information platforms.

Internet marketers are required to graduate from junior high school (or equivalent educational level), with a total of 5 levels, respectively: Level 5/Beginner, Level 4/Intermediate, Level 3/Advanced, Level 2/Technician, Level 1/Senior Technician.

Streamer’s 5 levels

Internet marketers are divided into 4 categories: product selectors, salespeople, video editors, and platform administrators. Among them, product selection staff, livestream sales staff, and video editing staff will have 5 levels, respectively: level 5/beginner, level 4/intermediate, level 3/advanced, level 2/ technician, level 1/senior technician. The platform admin has three levels: level 5/beginner, level 4/intermediate, and level 3/advanced.

What level can Ly Giai Ky and Vi Ya reach? Perhaps many people will say that, as a “big brother, big sister” in the sales livestream industry, the “level 1/senior technician” is definitely within reach.

Trung Quốc ban hành bộ tiêu chuẩn nghề nghiệp quốc gia về “livestream bán hàng” - Ảnh 1.

What are the admission requirements for level 1/senior technicians?

Those who meet the following conditions can apply:

(1) After obtaining the qualification certificate of qualification level 2/technician (certificate of skill level) of the profession or related occupation, having more than 3 years of experience in the relevant industry or industry, trained officially create, complete the required number of hours of training for level 1/senior technicians, and receive a graduation certificate.

(2) After obtaining the qualification certificate level 2/technician (skill level certificate), have more than 4 years of experience in the relevant industry or industry.

Sales streamer brothers and sisters, if you feel suitable, please quickly apply! Of course, participating in the application will have to pass a test. The assessment methods are divided into 3 parts: theoretical knowledge, skills assessment and comprehensive assessment. In particular, the comprehensive assessment will target technicians and senior technicians, and will combine with CV application and Q&A to conduct a comprehensive assessment and review.

Code of profession requires “strict quality control”

Along with the rise of the online marketing industry such as short videos and livestreams, which are being covered with more than 800 million users, the number of Internet marketers has also increased rapidly, bringing in 100 billion yuan in revenue. Livestream sales develop extremely strongly, but it also causes many negative phenomena such as false propaganda and data falsification, as well as frequent occurrence of fake and poor quality goods.

While the streamers at the top of this pyramid are making money, they have also “turned the wheel” many times, from Simba’s “fake bird’s nest” case, Vi A’s “whole wheat bread” case, to the “Program” case. L’Oréal’s biggest promotion of the year” by Ly Giai Ky and Vi A recently, has caused many doubts.

According to the article, it is worth noting that “strict quality control” has been included in the occupational code of the national occupational skills standard for Internet marketers. The code of conduct requires clarity, to comply with the law, and to be honest and trustworthy. Be dedicated to the profession, bravely innovate, do deep research, unite and cooperate, and at the same time must strictly control quality and provide services enthusiastically.

According to Chinatimes

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