China is about to launch the “AI police”, specialized in managing the use of artificial intelligence

Tram Ho

China’s Ministry of Science and Technology officials said the government will promote the safe and controllable application of artificial intelligence (AI) services, which are seen as a strategic industry. China will continue to monitor the development of this new technology for a longer time to understand the ethical relationship around AI and other disruptive technologies.

Recently, the boom of ChatGPT, the application of the San Francisco-based OpenAI company, has attracted users by its breakthrough advantages. Many American and Chinese corporations have announced similar projects. Meanwhile, AI-related stocks are all hot. However, China banned the app in part because of data and content security concerns.

Trung Quốc chuẩn bị cho ra mắt “cảnh sát AI”, chuyên trách quản lý sử dụng trí tuệ nhân tạo - Ảnh 1.

The regulation is intended to ensure that services like ChatGPT comply with China’s strict regulations on controversial or unwanted online content. Besides, clear regulations also help Baidu, China’s leading search engine, in developing new services.

AI is one of the areas where China and the US are racing to take the lead. It is part of an all-out competition between the world’s two largest economies for technological and geopolitical advantage. Some experts believe the advantage is in China’s favor as a population of 1.4 billion generates huge data sources to train artificial intelligence platforms.

However, it is unclear how Beijing views private sector involvement in this sector.

Reference: Bloomberg

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