Chicago police use Samsung’s DeX solution on patrol cars

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The Chicago Police Department (CPD) is implementing a pilot program for Samsung’s DeX solution on patrol cars. The Samsung DeX car version will replace the computers in police cars. The first cars with this technology will be released by CPD later this year.

Cảnh sát Chicago sử dụng giải pháp DeX của Samsung trên xe tuần tra - Ảnh 1.

Chicago police test Samsung DeX solution on patrol cars instead of computers

CPD is using the Samsung DeX solution for patrol cars to see if it is effective enough to replace police computers. Under the pilot program, participating officers will be able to access police applications on the screen (mounted on their vehicles) just by plugging the Samsung Galaxy smartphone into the DeX accessory.

CPD CEO Eddie Johnson said nearly half of the officers had Samsung smartphones issued by the agency. The new solution will provide officers with everything they need to handle situations quickly.

The DeX platform will also allow officers to complete tasks such as access to computer support dispatch and other CPD systems to conduct background checks and complete reports. They can also immediately attach any photos or videos they take with their smartphones.

As Jonathan Lewin, chief technical officer of CPD points out, Samsung DeX saves both time and money. “This solution really creates an ecosystem that encompasses all technologies (operates in real time) at significantly lower costs than what we are doing now,” he explained .

Samsung said its solution could help agencies save more than 32% of annual operating costs.

Samsung said that the DeX platform can also replace the terminal computer equipment in police stations. However, it is unclear whether CPD plans to use DeX in their offices.

Reference: Sammobile

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