Check out react-flatpickr, a calendar support library for ReactJS

Tram Ho

I> Introduction

I am looking for a library that supports basic calendar format like booking sites, then find this flatpickr library very good for calendaring, try to find out it also has a library for react react-flatpickr . Together I find out what’s good about it, but I find it respond so well

Install yet :

  • Install a new project with create-react-app:

  • Install any calendar library

By default, when installing this library, it installed flatpickr already

II> Start to learn yet:

1> Basic calendar format:

Now I want a basic calendar, when choosing a calendar, I will change the input cell value:

So through some simple code we have a calendar as shown below …..

2> Customize with a number of support options of the library

a> Theme:

  • If you are tired of its default theme, you can switch to dark themes by changing this line:


  • Still not like, we change to the airbnb theme

  • In addition, the library also supports these types of themes:

Of course you can customize the theme depending on your preferences (bow)

b> Its options and events:

  • dateFormat: as the original example has the dmY format corresponding to date-month-year (4 digits). More details can be found here:
  • Its Events: The most popular ones are still:
    • onReady: what it would look like when initialized
    • onOpen: when open
    • onClose: when closed
    • onDestroy: when destroy

See more here

  • Its instances ( ): There are many methods for you similar to the calendar like selectedDates for getting the selected date, clear dufngn to delete the calendar, jumpToDate jump to date
  • Another popular option to select the date and time is enableTime. You change as below:


c> Advanced customization with plugin option:

In addition, the library can also support more customization with the plugin option, you can use the existing plugin of the library, refer to this link:

I only introduce 1 plugin used to choose May:


III> Conclusion:

This library supports common datepicker cases and is customizable. Hopefully with your introduction you can add an option to apply in your work. Thank you for reading

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