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ShopeePay is exactly the new name of the AirPay e-wallet that is already familiar to Vietnamese consumers. From June 8, 2021, the name and blue interface of AirPay were officially converted to ShopeePay with the characteristic orange color.

Điểm danh 7 gạch đầu dòng hay ho về ví ShopeePay - Ảnh 1.

“Baby” for cheap Shopee orders is even cheaper

When paying for Shopee orders with ShopeePay wallet, you have the absolute advantage of owning your favorite products at surprisingly low prices. For example, in the program “Use ShopeePay, get 50% off” taking place from June 13 to June 16, there are up to 3 exclusive offers for ShopeePay wallet users when shopping on Shopee including: Discount code up to 50 %, the opportunity to own thousands of e-vouchers with the price from only 1 dong and free shipping for orders from 0 dong. Fast payment, floor price reduction without additional costs, ShopeePay is not ashamed to be the “treasure” for the maximum savings shopping experience.

Điểm danh 7 gạch đầu dòng hay ho về ví ShopeePay - Ảnh 2.

Update a few minutes, enjoy the whole year offer

Users who already have the AirPay app on their phone don’t need to download a new app at all. From the above timeline, for Android operating system, the AirPay application will automatically update to ShopeePay. While iOS users just need to go to the AppStore and click update to complete the conversion. If you do not have ShopeePay, you can access the application store to download and install it simply through detailed instructions here .

Every day “wow” with new offers

ShopeePay welcomes the new day by generously launching a series of attractive offers, applicable to a variety of services from online shopping, international purchases, bill payments, data packages to ordering delicious food on NowFood. . In order not to miss any “genuine” promotion, don’t forget to visit ShopeePay wallet on Shopee app every day!

Especially, don’t miss the promotion package worth up to 300,000 VND ShopeePay for new users including: Discount code when buying Shopee products, discount code when loading phones every month, Shopee Coin refund offer when paying for goods. order and policy of free shipping every month.

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Deposits and transfers are completely free

One of the things that helps ShopeePay win the hearts of users is its no-fee deposit and transfer policy. More attractively, on the upcoming 16/6, when you make a money transfer, you will also receive a coin refund up to 1,000 coins each time. With Shopee Coin, you can use it to pay for Shopee orders or exchange it for other attractive vouchers.

Constant balance, incremental experience and offers

The transition from AirPay to ShopeePay will not have any effect on the balance as well as the vouchers the user has purchased previously. The wallet balance is completely preserved while the vouchers remain valid and the usage policy is the same. This update will, on the contrary, help reduce obstacles in payment, improve the shopping experience and bring more incentives to users.

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Pay bills easily, no pressure

Not only helping to quickly look up and pay a variety of bills from electricity, water, television to apartment fees, ShopeePay always has direct money reduction or Shopee Coin refund programs to contribute to the bill paying experience. lighter and more economical. In this June, don’t forget to download ShopeePay and take advantage of these exclusive offers to blow away some zeros on your bill!

Shopee Scan & Pay: safe choice, thousands of offers

Regularly visit the section “Deals near you – Only from 1K” to discover thousands of ShopeePay QR from leading partners such as Phuc Long, 7-Eleven, Innisfree, Kootoro… with the purchase price sometimes only 1 VND but the use value can be up to 50,000 VND. With ShopeePay wallet, the contactless payment experience will be both safe and fun with valuable incentives.

Offer information

Whether you are a tech enthusiast or a girl who loves trendy outfits, you will find all your “love” at the “Use ShopeePay, get 50% off” program from June 13 to June 16. coming soon with prices falling to the floor. More attractively, this will be your chance to close your order at the cheapest price by taking advantage of 3 exclusive offers for ShopeePay wallet users including: Up to 50% discount code, thousands of e-wallets collection. -voucher is sold for only 1 dong and free shipping policy for orders from 0 dong.

Điểm danh 7 gạch đầu dòng hay ho về ví ShopeePay - Ảnh 5.

And don’t forget to participate in interactive games to have a laugh and have the opportunity to win valuable gifts. Download/update ShopeePay app today to get ready to catch the “rain” offer at “Use Shopee, get 50% off”.

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