Chance to beat super box smartphone 2019 with super soft price and a series of exclusive offers for technology enthusiasts

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Order an amazing blockbuster iPhone 11, receive a discount of up to 7mil

Cơ hội đập hộp siêu phẩm smartphone 2019 giá siêu mềm cùng loạt ưu đãi độc quyền cho hội mê công nghệ - Ảnh 1.

Already a “home apple” fan, there is no need to talk about the hotness of the trio of iPhone 11 blockbusters recently released. From upgrading the wide-angle camera cluster, the outstanding power of the battery to the new color, … nobody is unaware. But the opportunity to beat a genuine box with a series of exclusive offers up to 7 million, you should update quickly here.

Notably, if you have fallen in love with your iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max, you can quickly order bricks through Shopee and just pay 2 million in advance will receive a voucher worth up to 5 million (included) reservation fee). And if the budget dew, you can buy iPhone 11 and pre-order 1 million will immediately receive a voucher of up to 2.5 million (including the reservation fee), nothing more fun. Not to mention, if you apply the form of payment via Standard Chartered card, you will also receive a direct discount of 2 million VND for the iPhone 11 | iPhone 11 Pro | iPhone 11 Pro Max.

And after breaking the box successfully, you can freely review and comment to receive a voucher worth up to 300K with the opportunity to own genuine Apple accessories including: Apple Watch series 4 watches worth up to 12 million VND, Airpod 2 earphones worth VND 4.8 million.

Who knows, unexpectedly, you can buy one 2, fast hands still, slow hands take turns my dear brothers!

Cơ hội đập hộp siêu phẩm smartphone 2019 giá siêu mềm cùng loạt ưu đãi độc quyền cho hội mê công nghệ - Ảnh 2.

In less than 90 days, the New Year will come back, hunt immediately to enjoy 50% of smart appliances shopping to please you at home

Less than 90 days until the New Year, how many men can escape the housework, they also have to help the sisters with one hand. Then what are you waiting for without hunting incentives to buy TVs to renovate your home and a series of smart appliances to make housework as light as not. Hunt right below.

1) 32 inch SAMSUNG SAMSUNG Smart TV

Product price: 7,400,000 VND

Discounted price: VND 5,300,000 – Enter additional discount of VND 700k

Cơ hội đập hộp siêu phẩm smartphone 2019 giá siêu mềm cùng loạt ưu đãi độc quyền cho hội mê công nghệ - Ảnh 3.

Featuring a luxurious and modern design, Samsung HD LED TV 32 inch 32N4000 is suitable for installation in all interior spaces in your home such as living room, bedroom, entertainment room, … Especially, with a slim design Lightweight, you can fully wall mount to save space.

2) SAMSUNG 40 Inch Smart TV LED

Product price: 9,400,000 VND

Discounted price: VND 6,490,000 – Enter a discount of VND 700k more

Cơ hội đập hộp siêu phẩm smartphone 2019 giá siêu mềm cùng loạt ưu đãi độc quyền cho hội mê công nghệ - Ảnh 4.

SAMSUNG Smart TV LED has full HD resolution, many times higher than conventional HD TVs, combined with image quality enhancement algorithms, expanded color enhancements, for images that show true, natural and clear to every detail. Brothers fully experience from image, color to sound.

3) Samsung Vacuum Cleaner

Product price: 1,900,000 VND

Preferential price: 999,000 VND

Cơ hội đập hộp siêu phẩm smartphone 2019 giá siêu mềm cùng loạt ưu đãi độc quyền cho hội mê công nghệ - Ảnh 5.

Samsung vacuum cleaner has a unique compact design, weighing less than 5kg. Vacuum cleaner is designed intelligently, has the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees, users can easily clean every corner of the house. Had Samsung vacuum cleaner, brothers spoiled that help you to score points for this Tet holiday.

4) Sharp Air Purifier And Mosquito Catcher

Product price: VND 5,500,000

Preferential price: 3,899,000 VND

Sharp Air Purifiers and Mosquitoes feature an elegant design with a compact appearance that can be placed anywhere in the house. You should consider buying this air purifier to take care of your whole family because of the three outstanding features: Hepa filter that removes allergens, 0.3 micrometer virus and particles fine dust; Unique and powerful feature of capturing mosquitoes by blowing air; Haze mode automatically adjusts fan speed to increase air purification and release ions into the air.


“Shopee 11.11 Super Sale – The most anticipated shopping event in November officially starts from today to November 14 with a free nationwide shipping policy for all orders from 50K in the 0H – 1H time frame, a series of exclusive discounts up to 50%, along with a “very special” rain voucher is launched during the promotion period, especially on the biggest sale day 11/11, enjoy the show Free freeship for every order from 0D during golden hour (0H – 2H), free all day shipping for orders purchased from 99K and get 11 freeship vouchers for free shopping on Shopee.

In the beginning of the “rice” month, you have the opportunity to shop and do not forget the following interesting offers. When paying orders from VND 1,200K with HSBC cards, you will receive an immediate discount of VND 150K and gifts of up to VND 3 million when you register to open a new credit card. In addition, for every order from 800K, you will receive an immediate 10% (maximum 150K) if paying with TPBank credit card.

Especially today, you are free to book travel tickets with Viettel Bay with great discounts up to 10% on Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Domestic and Travel combos. Mytour, Expedia, Vntrip, all give Shopee users a 20% discount on hotel reservations. You also have the opportunity to have fun and relax with a discount of 50K Xperience tickets from Traveloka.

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