CEO Shopee Vietnam talks about the ‘promotion’ challenge: Can you work with someone you hate?

Tram Ho

CEO Shopee Việt Nam nói về thử thách ‘thăng cấp’: Bạn có làm việc được với người mình ghét không? - Ảnh 1.

As the main speaker at the MBA For Success event organized by ISB Institute – University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Tran Tuan Anh – Managing Director of Shopee Vietnam – shared his views on recruiting human resources as well as training. the.

The top leader of Shopee Vietnam divides the career of a young person into four phases, with 4 skill types corresponding to each period.

1. For a young graduate / new to a company, the most important skills are QUICK LEARNING and QUICK LEARNING.

Quick learning, quick understanding is not just limited to IQ. Mr. Tuan Anh said that with a dynamic environment like Shopee, there are not many things with specific documents because things change very quickly. This forces the employee to understand the logic of “why do people do it”.

A person who understands and has access to such information will be very valuable, and those friends will go very far.

Besides, young people need “Roll the discharge”. Here, according to Mr. Tuan Anh, in addition to hard work, there should be curiosity.

People are very curious, always want to understand why like this, why like that, or find people to ask why like a three-year-old. Young people still keep their curiosity. When I grow up, I think it will be very successful. Curiosity will help you see and understand more broadly. “, but have to think about what we need to do and why are we doing it “, Mr. Tuan Anh said.

In the first stage of your career, you must have certain skills for the job, and be an expert in your field.

CEO Shopee Việt Nam nói về thử thách ‘thăng cấp’: Bạn có làm việc được với người mình ghét không? - Ảnh 2.

2. In the second stage, you must answer the question of whether you are able to work with your colleagues.

The problem we often challenge is: Can you work with someone you don’t like? Working with someone you like is not difficult, but connecting and working with someone you don’t like. I personally do not feel suitable, but can work, then that is the challenge “.

“In business, sometimes you can’t choose you. The higher you go, the more you need the ability to connect and work with internal factors, then external factors ,” said the Chief Operating Officer. advises on the biggest e-commerce site in Vietnam.

3. At a higher level, you need to be able to lead others.

4. More than that, you need connectivity or aggregation.

That is, when you look at the big picture, do you see the alignment of everything you do? When there is a strategy in place, can you see the connection between the financial problems, the business, the customer care problem … or not?

Up to that level of competence, one can run a relatively large business. This cohesion is often required by the CEOs of large companies. The higher the skill, the more important that skill becomes. ” Mr. Tuan Anh said.

In order to evaluate a human resource, the boss of Shopee Vietnam said that he usually sees the threshold and what skills he should have. The beginner must be truly an expert in the field in which you are involved, whether you can work with others over time, over time you can lead others or not, and finally you. all the things you do together or not.

As for Shopee, I judge people based on global measures, not in Vietnam. A Senior Manager (SM – senior manager – PV) in Vietnam must be measured with SMs in other countries.” different than SM in Vietnam “.

“Because if we have the ambition to become a global company, we cannot measure it with the way of thinking that this is just a Vietnamese company. No! “, Emphasized the Managing Director of Shopee Vietnam.

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