CEO Ren Zhengfei declared loudly, “It is okay for the US to embellish Huawei forever.”

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Huawei is blacklisted by the U.S. Department of Commerce, preventing cooperation and purchase of components from U.S. technology companies. This is said to be a very strong punishment on the Chinese giant.

Although it is undeniable that this punishment has reduced Huawei’s sales in the international market. But Huawei benefited more from patriotism in China, where consumers supported Huawei and said it was a victim of American bullying.

CEO Nhậm Chính Phi lại lớn miệng tuyên bố: Mỹ có thể cấm vận Huawei mãi mãi cũng không sao - Ảnh 1.

According to Canalys’ report last quarter, Huawei’s smartphone sales in the Chinese market grew 66%, an astonishing number. As a result, Huawei accounts for 42.4% of the smartphone market in China, outstripping the second-ranked rival OPPO with 17.9%.

Earlier this year, Huawei set a target to ship 300 million smartphones in 2019. This number is enough for Huawei to surpass Samsung and become the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. However, the US ban has caused Huawei to adjust this target, although the estimate is still about 270 million units, only 10% lower than the original. Shows Huawei is still very confident.

CEO Nhậm Chính Phi lại lớn miệng tuyên bố: Mỹ có thể cấm vận Huawei mãi mãi cũng không sao - Ảnh 2.

Founder and CEO Nham Chinh Phi of Huawei.

“We can live well without the US,” Huawei’s founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei said in a recent interview: “We don’t expect the United States to remove Huawei from its real list. be. They can keep us there forever, because we will be okay even without them. ”

Nham Chinh Phi also said that Huawei is still buying some US components, but through overseas manufacturing plants owned by US companies. A number of important Huawei partners such as TSMC and ARM are also under pressure from the US, but have stated that they will continue to cooperate with Huawei.

But there is only one company in the United States that Huawei desperately wants to work with, which is none other than Google. There is no other solution for Huawei to use Google services, including the Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.

Using the open-source Android operating system version and the self-developed AppGallery app store does not matter to Huawei in the domestic market. But the lack of Google services makes it impossible for Huawei smartphones to be sold in Europe, India and other markets outside of China. That still has a big impact on Huawei’s sales.

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