CEO Nham Chinh Phi: ‘Huawei sets a high smartphone price to give domestic manufacturers space to live’

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At the end of July, Huawei officially launched a new generation of smartphone P50 series. As one of the two key high-end product lines of the group, many consumers are looking forward to the performance of the P50. However, after it was released to the market, it caused some controversy.

First of all, only the Pro version of Huawei P50 is equipped with HiSilicon’s Kirin 9000 processor, while the regular version uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888. Although the Snapdragon 888 is Qualcomm’s first 5nm chip, the performance is unquestionable, but the fact that Huawei products use Qualcomm’s processors is something that is difficult for Chinese users to accept.

CEO Nhậm Chính Phi: Huawei đặt giá smartphone cao là để các nhà sản xuất trong nước có không gian sống - Ảnh 1.

Second, all P50 series products do not support 5G network, only 4G. This contrasts with Huawei’s claim to be the leader of the 5G era. However, it is true and in essence a move of helplessness. The US government’s sanctions have cut off Huawei’s supply of radio frequency chips, so the company can only buy 4G chips, even the most advanced Kirin 9000 chip version is forced to drop the network support feature. 5G.

Finally, also the third aspect, is that the price of the new Huawei P50 series seems a bit “unreasonable”. The regular version starts at 4,488 yuan, and the Pro version goes as high as 6,488 yuan. To make it easy to imagine, with this money, users can buy many other high-end smartphones, even Apple’s latest iPhone13. And this price is listed again while Huawei P50 is only a 4G mobile phone, no 5G.

And after 2 months since the time of launch, the P50 models already on the market still show no sign of decreasing in price, causing public opinion even Huawei fans to question more and more.

CEO Nhậm Chính Phi: Huawei đặt giá smartphone cao là để các nhà sản xuất trong nước có không gian sống - Ảnh 2.

Faced with doubts, the chairman of the group, Nham Chinh Phi recently responded strongly

He stated that Huawei mobile phones will not go the cheap route and hit high sales targets, especially the two flagship products of the P and Mate series. Because, lowering the price can make the company achieve higher sales, but it will reduce the image of the product and is not conducive to future growth. In other words, from Nham Chinh Phi’s point of view, it’s normal for Huawei’s smartphone prices to be too high.

Not only that, he also said that the reason Huawei sets the selling price of mobile phones so high is to let other domestic phone manufacturers have “living space”.

Because now Huawei’s brand awareness is “comparable to Apple” and even “Huawei’s influence in the domestic market has surpassed Apple”. And so if Huawei’s mobile phones are sold at very cheap prices, consumers will no longer buy products from other domestic manufacturers. For this to happen it would be “not conducive to competition in the entire mobile phone market”, so Nham Chinh Phi will allow Huawei to go down the high-end route.

CEO Nhậm Chính Phi: Huawei đặt giá smartphone cao là để các nhà sản xuất trong nước có không gian sống - Ảnh 3.

In fact, according to some Huawei P50 users, although it does not support 5G and has a high price, this model also has some obvious advantages. The first is that the localization level of this smartphone is the highest among all existing mobile phones in the country.

Second, the product configuration is also excellent. Especially the powerful feature of the camera system, with a larger battery capacity and faster charging speed. According to these people, Huawei will not give up the smartphone business and in the future, the company’s products will certainly have more opportunities for growth.

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