CEO ByteDance: Mr. Trump’s real goal is to ‘kill’ TikTok

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“A US official’s investigation of ByteDance’s TikTok application is essentially aimed at a Chinese-owned application that is becoming increasingly attractive to Americans,” founder Zhang Yiming said in a statement. Letter to staff on the 3rd day.

In his second letter to employees in just a few days, the businessman said that the US government had explored the acquisition of – the precursor of TikTok in 2017. And the move this time is to close it completely. This whole app. The growing political conflict between the United States and China has led US officials to warn about security risks and call for an investigation into whether U.S. user data is shared with Beijing authorities. .

 CEO ByteDance: Mục tiêu thực sự của ông Trump là ‘giết’ TikTok - Ảnh 1.

As a result, recently, Bytedance was under pressure from the White House and US officials forced them to sell TikTok’s operations in the United States. The company is currently due until September 15 to finalize a deal to sell US TikTok to Microsoft. President Trump said on Monday that any sale of TikTok’s U.S. operations would have to include a significant payout to the US, although it is unclear exactly what the U.S. officials want. .

“Although it is absurd to sell a US branch to an American company, this is still part of the legal process and the company has no choice but to follow the law,” the CEO said. Zhang said. “However, this is not their main goal, nor what they want. The real goal is a comprehensive ban.”

Zhang’s comments were echoed by Lee Kai-Fu, former president of Google’s China branch, with comments that the heated controversy surrounding TikTok was “unbelievable”.

He added that when Google was forced to leave China, Beijing was always clear about its limits, while Mr. Trump lacked the basic laws to ban TikTok.

Rich Bishop, CEO of AppInChina, a platform for international apps and games published in China, said: “This is a tit-for-tat method, as part of the US trade war- Trung is in the process. They also believe that the move is made possible by the success of TikTok and that it has become a threat to US social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. ”

In a letter yesterday, Zhang said that ByteDance was exploring all possibilities to resolve the issue with Washington and that the world’s largest startup had yet to make a final decision. The CEO had previously said that both he and ByteDacne were under pressure in their home countries after news of the possibility of having to sell businesses in the US appeared.

For its part, the Beijing government publicly attacks the US side. Chinese authorities do not accept the Microsoft acquisition of TikTok’s US operations and may take actions against Washington if they force TikTok to make the deal.

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