Casper honored as “Most Popular 4K Smart TV” at Tech Awards

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Launched at the end of October 2019, the Casper TV product line quickly made an impression when it was the brand’s first smart TV product line equipped with Google’s latest Android 9.0 licensed operating system. In particular, being introduced to the market in the context of social distancing, Casper TVs affirm their true value when meeting the real needs of consumers.

Up to now, after 2 years, this product has continued to hold its position in the hearts of consumers. Specifically, during the prestigious Tech Awards 2021 event, Casper TV was honored as the most popular 4K Smart TV.

Casper vinh danh là “Smart tivi 4K được ưa chuộng nhất” tại giải thưởng công nghệ Tech Awards - Ảnh 1.

Casper representative received the award “Most Popular Smart TV 4K”

The first bright spot of the Casper 65UG6000 TV is in the minimalist design, luxurious feel by the “ultra-thin” frame of only 0.5 cm, giving users the most comfortable feeling. It is known that Casper’s creative team also optimized the thinness of the TV to provide a better aesthetic experience, suitable for many modern living rooms or meeting rooms. Despite its large size, the product is only about 7.9 mm thick, equivalent to the thickness of a regular phone.

With a product with a large screen, thin bezels, the enjoyment space of families will be significantly increased. The large screen also allows the room to be transformed with the presentation program and becomes an indispensable part of every holiday, gathering, and watching sports at the user’s home. The screen on 65UG6000 has Ultra HD 4K resolution, with 8.3 million built-in pixels, for display quality 4 times higher than conventional Full HD resolution. The quad-core processor combined with the 4K display on the product also eliminates video noise, while providing color reproduction and increased contrast.

Casper vinh danh là “Smart tivi 4K được ưa chuộng nhất” tại giải thưởng công nghệ Tech Awards - Ảnh 2.

TV 65UG6000 has a large screen, overflowing. Photo: Casper

The TV also supports HDR feature and Super Brightness technology for bright, clear images. Up to 120 Hz refresh rate enhances sharpness for fast-moving scenes. Even if the content runs at a high frame rate, the TV still displays the smoothest for viewers.

Nguyen Thi Viet Nga, Deputy Director of Marketing at Casper Vietnam, said: “With the desire to popularize cutting-edge technologies such as Casper’s Smart TV 4K 65UG6000, an immersive entertainment experience with thousands of accessibility The free Android TV bundled application will be very convenient and easy to use for any customer. In the near future, we will continue to launch new technology platforms, increase the number of products and services. positive experience for quality of life through Casper Smart TVs.”

To help users have a better audio-visual experience, Casper has recently continuously promoted large-screen TV product lines over 55 inches with borderless design and enhanced in-app experience. In particular, the brand from Thailand also revealed its plan to launch product lines with new technology in the near future for display quality 4 times better than normal Full HD quality, 120Hz refresh rate. Enhanced sharpness, optimal motion compensation for fast-moving scenes.

In addition to quality images, Casper’s product models are also attractive by possessing Dolby Digital surround sound technology, supporting vivid digital sound reproduction.

Another plus point that helps Casper’s Android TV model score with users is the free integration of more than 5,000 applications from entertainment, sports, music to learning and education. The product is also pre-installed with many popular platforms such as FPT Play, VTV Cab On, Netflix, Youtube, Pop Kids…

Casper vinh danh là “Smart tivi 4K được ưa chuộng nhất” tại giải thưởng công nghệ Tech Awards - Ảnh 3.

The application store is built-in to the application. Photo: Casper

As can be seen, the Casper 65UG6000 TV is a product that meets the needs of many objects. A Casper representative also shared specifically: “Integrating a huge application store helps every family member find more joy, experience or knowledge. With just a few words via Google Assistant control, dad Parents can watch movies on Netflix or work remotely via Fastcast.Children can also learn online or join dance and painting tutoring classes through learning software from Pop Kids. Adults can also practice yoga, nursing through software that integrates video tutorials right on the device”.

Controlling Casper’s TV model is also highly appreciated by users with the Vietnamese Google virtual assistant. Users can command the TV through the smart control just through a few words.

With the motto of taking product quality and consumer needs as the basis, every breakthrough step in Casper’s products is always a step to build consumer confidence. Sharing after receiving the award “Favorite Smart TV 4K”, the Casper representative said: “The fact that Casper received the award at the Tech Awards is a testament to the quality of the product. Casper always wants to bring practical values ​​to people. Using new technology through the dissemination of new technology to product lines, Particularly with the 65UG6000 product, we expect to create an entertainment space beyond the limit of a TV, a sensory space beyond the room. contribute to improving the life of Vietnamese families”.

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