Can Microsoft rename its virtual assistant Cortana and target customer support?

Tram Ho

Previously the technology world and Microsoft itself have repeatedly talked about the company will have new strategies with virtual assistant Cortana. One of them is to gradually bring Cortana to serve business users and require high performance instead of individual users.

Microsoft có thể đổi tên trợ lý ảo Cortana và nhắm tới hỗ trợ riêng cho khách hàng doanh nghiệp? - Ảnh 1.

Just a few days ago it was reported that Cortana will soon lose some features this summer. And according to the latest revelations, Microsoft may even rename its virtual assistant Cortana as the most obvious move of change.

Specifically, the virtual assistant Cortana is said to have a new name as Microsoft 365 Assistant. This name change certainly makes sense if Microsoft wants to focus on the business audience.

Of course, Microsoft has not confirmed these changes, but in the long term it will not be surprising if Microsoft decides to remove the name Cortana.

Because Microsoft also explained that Cortana is now part of the Microsoft 365 service family targeted at its business.

Microsoft says: “The AI ​​in Microsoft 365 is significantly driving the way people interact with Microsoft 365 applications. Our experience is personalization and user-friendliness, support and skill enhancement. You can see this change in the personalized experiences we’ve shared on Cortana. “

Highly likely after redirecting the target to the business object, Cortana will no longer have music control and smart home connectivity. Because Microsoft is giving up a range of features aimed at individual consumers. In addition, Cortana will no longer support on Microsoft Launcher for Android.

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