Camera poking out – A glorious minute then went off

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The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro came out last night and just like the previous leaked images, the newly launched flagship duo brought a significant design change: the retractable camera cluster (or pop- ups) are gone.

Retractable cameras used to be a highlight on the OnePlus 7 Pro and 7T Pro duo as they help to deliver a full-screen experience with defects. But on OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, this design has been removed and replaced with the punched selfie camera. Not only is this a OnePlus design change, but it is also a sign of the end of the recessed camera, one of the solutions that was expected to bring a full screen to a smartphone.

Camera thò thụt - Một phút huy hoàng rồi vụt tắt - Ảnh 1.

But why does the retractable camera “soon bloom” so?

A glorious minute then disappeared

Starting with the Vivo Nex and then Oppo Find X, the retractable camera design solution quickly appeared on a variety of devices, including Motorola, Redmi, Realme and Honor.

Its popularity is also very easy to understand, the retractable camera became the most viable solution for the selfie camera on the edge of the screen without creating rabbit ears, the design became so popular after the iPhone. X launches.

Camera thò thụt - Một phút huy hoàng rồi vụt tắt - Ảnh 2.

Vivo Nex, the starting device for the retractable camera.

OnePlus is almost one of the last major smartphone brands to adopt this retractable camera solution with OnePlus 7 Pro and 7T Pro. Sadly, by the time OnePlus realized that they should use it, it was also the time when other competitors began to abandon this “poking-out” design.

The Oppo Find X2 Pro, the successor to the Find X device, has completely removed the retractable camera and switched to the punched camera design. Vivo, the first to adopt a retractable camera and continue to maintain this design on Vivo V15 and V17 Pro, finally wants to abandon it when they show the phone concept with the selfie camera in the screen earlier this year.

Camera thò thụt - Một phút huy hoàng rồi vụt tắt - Ảnh 3.

Oppo Find X.

Meanwhile, the Redmi K30 Pro and the K30 Pro Zoom are becoming two of the more recent devices that still maintain a retractable camera design. However, when most major smartphone brands no longer use this design, this is probably the last two devices still accept this retractable camera design.

Why is it from the place of popular appearances, the retracting cameras suddenly disappear so quickly? At first maybe let’s see what its advantages are so that it can appear as common as previously seen.

Hidden camera invades the world

There are a number of reasons why a retractable camera is quickly gaining popularity, despite initial skepticism about the design.

It makes it interesting for users to bring something unexpected and create something completely different for previous smartphones. With the right shape and size to ensure the durability of this module, the retractable camera provides a solution for manufacturers to add a larger lens to the selfie camera without having to cut off an area. screen.

Camera thò thụt - Một phút huy hoàng rồi vụt tắt - Ảnh 4.

It is also quite durable. The indented module still works fine under strict test conditions of durability. Moreover, its mechanism of operation does not seem to cause any problems with smartphones that use it. Even as a mechanical moving part, we have yet to see a report on the recall of defective products related to this moving part.

Another major reason for the existence of a retractable camera is that it offers a truly full-screen experience for smartphones. By hiding the selfie camera behind the screen, it raises the screen-to-body ratio to the highest possible level. No rabbit ears, no water droplets, no thick bezels, no holes, just an intact screen in front of the device.

Hidden camera has another unexpected benefit for people who care about privacy. Apps that want to secretly activate the selfie camera to spy on you won’t be able to function as easily as before. You will immediately recognize the anomaly when the camera automatically pops up while you have no need for selfies.

Camera thò thụt - Một phút huy hoàng rồi vụt tắt - Ảnh 5.

Motorola Moto One.

Perforated screen – the camera exterminator protrudes

Despite the aforementioned advantages, the unique design of the retractable camera cluster still has a critical weakness: it is the moving mechanical parts. Only that weakness made it impossible to become perfect. That is also why smartphone companies have begun to switch to an alternative solution, the selfie camera holes in the screen. This selfie camera module is smaller, better integrated, and most importantly, it has no moving parts.

Still has to trade with a portion of the screen, but the punched selfie camera is clearly better than the rabbit ears. Of course it’s not a perfect solution. Even if it is a lot less eye-catching than a rabbit’s ears, you still have to accept the fact that there’s a hole in the screen where you can’t see what’s there.

Camera thò thụt - Một phút huy hoàng rồi vụt tắt - Ảnh 6.

Seemingly predicting the end of the recessed camera, Samsung always chose a perforated screen for its devices.

Even Mr. Lu Weibing, the chairman of Xiaomi, has to admit that this retractable camera design will no longer be suitable in the 5G era when the number of components in smartphones will be significantly more than before. space for mechanical moving parts such as a retractable camera is no longer available.

Not only that, 5G smartphones also need more heat dissipation space and battery capacity. This will exacerbate the problem with the retractable camera when this design takes up too much space in a smartphone.

It’s clear that even if the camera is good enough right now, its future is no longer guaranteed. For a place as fiercely competitive as the current industry, good enough is not enough, especially when it does not guarantee the ability to keep up with new technologies in the future.

It is possible that the camera will still exist somewhere on some cheap phones, where the most advanced features will not appear. But for the new flagships, the door has closed with a retractable camera, the appearance of the recent OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro duo has proved that.

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