Buying a Samsung LCD monitor with a laptop, FPT Shop strongly offers a 40% discount

Tram Ho

A laptop with a compact design sometimes does not satisfy the needs of learning, working and especially playing games. Therefore, many people are looking to the secondary monitor as an effective solution, increasing more space for studying and working and especially playing games more comfortably. This extra workspace helps reduce eye strain if you have to focus on a small screen for too long, thereby increasing work efficiency significantly. This has also been researched and proven by the University of Utah, USA. According to the report, using the laptop screen and the secondary monitor at the same time will increase productivity 32% easier, reduce errors by 33% and 24% more satisfied when using a single screen.

Realizing the benefits of the product and huge demand from users, FPT Shop has ‘released’ two more LCD screens from the Samsung brand, including the Samsung LC24F390FHEXXV LCD screen priced at VND 3,190,000 and the LC27R500FHEXXV priced at 4,790. 000 VND. As soon as it is ‘on the shelf’, the whole product has a huge discount of 40%, applicable to customers who buy with any laptop at FPT Shop system from now to September 30. At this time, the 2 products with particularly attractive prices are only 1,914,000 VND and 2,874,000 VND respectively. For retail customers, FPT Shop also strongly decreased by 10%.

Mua màn hình LCD Samsung kèm laptop, FPT Shop mạnh tay giảm giá 40% - Ảnh 1.

This September, FPT Shop sharply reduced the price of Samsung LCD screens by 40%, applied to customers who bought with any laptop and 10% discount for retail customers.

Although it is very soft, the product is equipped with a very desirable configuration: 24inch and 27inch screen with 1920×1080 resolution, 3000: 1 contrast, 60Hz refresh rate, 200nit brightness, 1800R curvature screen , anti-flicker technology protects eyes … Because of such good configuration, both LCD screens are considered to be products with “quality beyond the price range” of Samsung, also is a difficult product to ignore for students, employees and game world, especially this September.

Warranty policy is also an outstanding advantage of the two products. Accordingly, the Samsung LCD screens at FPT Shop are covered by a genuine 2-year (24-month) warranty at 160 authorized Samsung warranty points nationwide. The screen will be warranted according to the IMEI or the phone number registered by the customer, so customers do not have to worry about losing documents and invoices when bringing the screen to the authorized Samsung Store.

To choose to buy removable monitors with the most incentives, you can go to more than 630 stores of FPT Shop. You can also buy online right here , FPT Shop will deliver free to your place in 60 minutes. Customers can pay immediately upon receipt of goods or via card, extremely convenient and secure.

Mua màn hình LCD Samsung kèm laptop, FPT Shop mạnh tay giảm giá 40% - Ảnh 2.

Not only get 40% off, you also get a 2-year warranty, free home delivery, … when choosing to buy Samsung LCD screens at FPT Shop.

Products purchased at FPT Shop are genuine, can be exchanged for free within 30 days if the product has defects, you can choose to buy directly at the store, choose to buy online or call the hotline 1800 6601 to get consulting, fast purchase.

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