Buy iPhone 12 Pro Max, get a can of yogurt with apple flavor

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In a video uploaded to Weibo on Friday, a woman named Liu in Anhui province explained that she spent more than $ 1,500 on a new 256GB iPhone 12 Pro Max on the official website. Apple’s. Then, when she opened the package, someone replaced the contents with a drink.

Liu does not accept packages directly from her courier, but rather from a parcel carrier in her community. She also said there was no clear indication that the package had been previously opened at the time of receipt.

Local police considered the swap to be a theft, although no one is sure where the swap took place. Both Apple and the Express Mail Service (EMS) – which shipped Liu’s package – are currently investigating.

Buy iPhone get apple yogurt

An EMS customer service officer told Global Times that the incident is still under investigation. “We have assigned colleagues to specifically tackle it,” she said. Apple also responded with a similar response, saying that the investigation is still ongoing.

Users on Weibo are gossiping about who might have committed the theft, with allegations of targeting the courier company, Apple’s warehouse staff, or even suggesting that Liu could have committed the theft. purchased from a fake website. Other possibilities include packaging errors or someone surreptitiously replaced the iPhone during shipping.

Apple products, and especially high-value iPhones, are often the subject of such theft, but often not from individuals. Most recently, five men were caught in footage from security cameras, stealing $ 12,000 Apple products that appear to be on display, from a location of Best Buy in the US in early December of last year.

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