Buy electronic products – refrigeration on Tiki: discount up to 50%, free installation by appointment

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Mua sản phẩm điện tử - điện lạnh trên Tiki: ưu đãi đến 50%, miễn phí lắp đặt theo lịch hẹn - Ảnh 1.

Smart TV Philips HD 32 inch only 2,890,000 VND and was delivered at home 0 only today at Tiki. The TV features a simple design, subtle colors, LED backlighting and a Pixel Plus HD engine for vivid display colors. The plus point of the product is also in the multitasking USB port that allows you to comfortably watch directly downloaded content from the memory without having to use a third-party reader.

55 inch Samsung 4K Smart TV reduced to only 12,790,000 VND at Tiki. With a luxurious 3-sided borderless design, modern HDR10 + technology, the TV offers a wide, vivid color range with genuine Dynamic Crystal Color color technology. This screen used to play games is super smooth, reducing shake thanks to Real Game Enhancer technology. Also, free of charge TikiPRO service, delivered according to a convenient appointment schedule!


Mua sản phẩm điện tử - điện lạnh trên Tiki: ưu đãi đến 50%, miễn phí lắp đặt theo lịch hẹn - Ảnh 3.

Kangaroo alkaline hydrogen ion water purifier helps you save maximum budget, the shock sale is only 8,799,000 VND and is free of charge for scheduled installation by TikiPRO. The machine has a luxurious, compact design, uses Ro water electrolysis technology to create a superior hydrogen-rich alkaline ion water source. The pre-filter elements, RO membrane and functional core are all cast monolithic to ensure absolute tightness, minimizing the impact from the environment to the filter elements.

Samsung Inverter refrigerator “super big” has a super saving price of only 6,990,000 dong at Tiki. With a capacity of “huge” to 276L, you can rest assured to store food for your family. Modern, sophisticated refrigerator design, convenient freezer, large compartment capacity ensure to meet the needs of families with 3 or more members. This is also one of the products with TikiPRO service for free scheduled delivery and assembly.


Mua sản phẩm điện tử - điện lạnh trên Tiki: ưu đãi đến 50%, miễn phí lắp đặt theo lịch hẹn - Ảnh 5.

Genuine Samsung Inverter 9kg washing machine has a preferential price of VND 7,290,000 at Tiki. As an indispensable item of the house addicts association, the machine possesses elegant white color, modern design, 9kg wide laundry cage, suitable for families with more than 6 members. Buying this product right away, you will save a considerable amount of energy and have a warranty period of up to 11 years, the installation fee of TikiPRO is still 0 VND today!

Electrolux dishwasher reduced more than 40%, only 6,490,000 VND at Tiki. This is a line of independent dishwashers with 6 washing programs: economical wash, booster wash, normal wash, 30 minute quick wash, cup washing and soaking mode. The machine has a powerful capacity, the spacious washing compartment is designed to help you wash lots of dishes and chopsticks at the same time very convenient. If you are still wondering about not being at home during the assembly process, the product is free to install according to the TikiPRO appointment schedule, rest assured!


Mua sản phẩm điện tử - điện lạnh trên Tiki: ưu đãi đến 50%, miễn phí lắp đặt theo lịch hẹn - Ảnh 7.

Teka double positive induction cookers are being sold at a shocking price of only 3,999,000 VND on Tiki. The kitchen has 2 extremely convenient cooking zones, the super-sensitive touch panel is easy to customize functions with just the touch of a button. Ceramic kitchen countertop withstands high temperatures for easy cleaning. The plus point of the product is also in the cooking timer and the safety lock to help users feel secure to use. In particular, this is also one of the kitchen lines that are free to apply TikiPRO installation.

Teka electric oven discounted nearly 4,000,000 VND, only 8,799,000 VND on Tiki. “Huge” capacity up to 70 liters of the product can weigh all cooking needs in large families. Spacious oven compartment, high-grade steel and 8 diverse cooking functions help families cook a variety of dishes with just the touch. Products are also included in the occasion of a free TikiPRO scheduled installation.


Mua sản phẩm điện tử - điện lạnh trên Tiki: ưu đãi đến 50%, miễn phí lắp đặt theo lịch hẹn - Ảnh 9.

Teka sale shock hood is only 2,299,000 dong on Tiki, the scheduled home delivery fee is also 0 dong. The product possesses a strong suction capacity of up to 400m3 / hour to help absorb odors quickly, and the quiet sound completely does not affect the user. In addition, the machine is also equipped with 2 modern deodorizing modes, elegant design suitable for every kitchen of brothers.

Kangaroo KG50F09 air cooler is reduced to only 1,449,000 VND only today on Tiki. The device integrates multifunctional cooling, humidifying, and air purifier with 3 diverse wind modes, effectively filtering and deodorizing the air. Products are also free of charge TikiPRO service delivered and installed at home by appointment.

Come up Tiki now to get great deals for the electronics – refrigeration group with a series of hot deals up to 50% ++, an additional discount coupon of up to 2,000,000 VND when using TikiPRO service timed delivery. goods and installation immediately, creating the most favorable conditions for Customers when purchasing bulky products and needing installation services. “Up to life” house right here.

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