Buy Apple Watch 450,000 VND, customers “bitter” because the business sent unexpected items

Tram Ho

According to a guest TN in a tech community group, an online technology business shop posted a picture of a watch called Apple Watch series 3 for 450,000 VND. According to the owner of the shop posted, at this price, the buyer will receive a genuine Japanese Apple Watch model (J / A code), Fullbox has not hit the box.

The reason why these watches are super cheap is because this shop was “bombed” by customers, so they lost money. The number of cheap Apple Watch sold in the first phase up to 500 units.

Mua Apple Watch 450.000 đồng, khách “đắng lòng” vì gian thương gửi món đồ không ngờ tới - Ảnh 1.

Before the ad too “bargain” on, TN has ordered 1. However, upon receiving the product, this facebooker was quite disappointed. “The delivery is not allowed to check, open backwards because receiving plastic toys without a board, it seems like losing 450,000 stupid money”, the TN guest cried badly, half-heartedly shared.

Along with the product sharing line, this guest did not forget to post the information about the purchase address. Once posted, the post about the above Apple Watch has received much attention from the online community.

Mua Apple Watch 450.000 đồng, khách “đắng lòng” vì gian thương gửi món đồ không ngờ tới - Ảnh 2.

Customers lose 450,000 VND to buy a watch without a motherboard.

In the market, Apple Watch genuine or portable products range from 4-6 million VND, so the shop “loss” 450,000 VND / product that many people question the quality and origin of smart watch.

Even the comments below the “miserable” post of the non-motherboard Apple Watch have a lot of analysis, disagree with the decision of this guest.

“You are cheap ham and do not check the specific price of products on the market, it is easy to trap the online shop trap is true. There is no reputable place that sales do not check,” Thanh Minh said.

“It is not strange at all, such counterfeit goods are rife with selling, and many scams like this and do not understand why you agree to buy,” Thai Ha account expressed his opinion.

Mua Apple Watch 450.000 đồng, khách “đắng lòng” vì gian thương gửi món đồ không ngờ tới - Ảnh 3.

Currently, the article of the watch shop has 7,000 interactions and 19,000 comments, including many responses to order this unbelievably cheap watch.

Tran Minh Trung, owner of the Apple appliance business shop on Le Thanh Nghi Street in Hanoi, said that at first glance, the cheap watches meticulously copied and used the same or original materials. from the label.

“Indeed, for those who don’t regularly use the product, these watches are difficult to distinguish from the Apple Watch Series 3, from size, style, cord, to the interface. They also have the call function, connect your phone via Bluetooth, surf the web, take photos …

However, there are also devices that are only marked outside to bypass buyers. Most of them are for sale for less than 1/10 of a genuine Apple Watch to attract customers. Therefore, if the goods are too cheap, the customers will also have to bear a lot of risks in terms of product durability as well as features that are not as advertised, “Trung said.

Mua Apple Watch 450.000 đồng, khách “đắng lòng” vì gian thương gửi món đồ không ngờ tới - Ảnh 4.

Apple Watch “clones” spread to the market.

Analyzing the reasons why many people still buy Apple Watch cheap and have poor quality goods, Mr. Tran Hung, a smartphone owner on Cau Giay Street, said that most online shops take pictures of “shimmering” products. to “sentence” guests. Failure to see the product at your own hands will present many risks, such as not being photographed or being replaced, exchanging many components.

“When buying technology products, it is best to go to the experience place to avoid the dissatisfaction, you can ask a knowledgeable person to consult. If you buy online, you must definitely choose a reputable address”, Hung said. advice.

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