Buy a Sony A1 camera from Amazon: A $7,000 item suddenly turns into an empty box

Tram Ho

2 photographers in Alamosa, Colorado, USA recently decided to upgrade their equipment and went to Amazon e-commerce site to order the Sony Alpha 1 , with the price plus shipping up to 7000 USD (about 161 USD). million dong). But when they received the goods, they suddenly received 2 empty boxes!

Buy from Amazon and get an empty box!

In an interview with The Denver Channel , Billy and Kelly Chiles said that they ordered the new camera because it has a high resolution, fast shutter speed, so it will be very beneficial in anniversaries, weddings and photo shoots. his wedding. “We love new technologies in photography, including fast shutter speeds and sensors up to 50 megapixels.”

Because of the semiconductor chip crisis, it took Amazon 2 months to ship the Sony Alpha 1 to the duo. But until they received the goods, they suddenly received only 2 boxes, did not see the camera they ordered. They were surprised at the time: “We’ve heard similar stories, but with other commerce sites, not Amazon.”

To make matters worse, when they informed Amazon, the company insisted that the products sold were thoroughly tested, there could be no such error. When speaking with an Amazon representative, the two people’s claims were denied and they were unable to get back the amount of up to 7000 USD. “The rep said there was nothing more she could do so she disconnected us.”

Mua máy ảnh Sony A1 từ Amazon: Món hàng trị giá 7.000 USD bỗng chốc hóa thành hộp rỗng - Ảnh 2.

The Chiles said that they had evidence of the absence of a camera in the box from the moment they received the goods. In the UPS bill of lading, the order weighed 900g, but on Sony’s website it was clearly stated that the Alpha A1’s box weighed 1.46kg. Thieves took not only 1 Alpha 1 but 2 units, when the couple ordered only 1 device but received 2 boxes. They say that at this time there are also a number of people selling Alpha 1 for a much lower price than the manufacturer’s price, most likely the same people who have committed the theft.

According to The Denver Channel, the duo of photographers had to send a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos himself to get the complaint resolved. They said that they will be refunded in the near future, but also want to let everyone know their story, to see that current e-commerce sites have very few methods to protect consumers.

“We had to save up for this camera for a long time. If we lose everything, it will certainly be a heavy loss.”

In 2018, a Youtuber named Chaseontwowheels said that he ordered a Canon 1DX Mark II camera (also priced at up to VND 120 – 130 million) and received a box full of ice in return. After filing a complaint, he received a box back but this time… it was filled with bricks!

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