Burger King calculates GPS and traffic data on Google Maps to sell burgers to customers with traffic jams

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It must be acknowledged that the potential of applying GPS technology and Google’s positioning data in sales is great if firms know how to challenge the potential of a part of customers who cannot go directly to the store .

By using GPS and data from Google’s mapping service, Burger King is said to be preparing to open a new service to help unfortunate customers get stuck in traffic.

According to Bloomberg , Burger King is planning to open a delivery service of burgers, chips and Coca-Cola to unfortunate customers who are stuck on traffic in Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles and Shanghai.

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In Mexico, where Burger King is testing the service, the company will use the Rappi platform to deliver goods instead of using the company’s dedicated delivery motorbikes.

In addition, this fast food store also tracks traffic information and traffic congestion on Google’s map app to deliver goods to customers’ locations more efficiently.

According to advertising team We Believers is cooperating with Burger King, one of the important issues that Burger King is currently facing, is the delivery usually within a radius of 3 km to ensure the meal is always hot. and drinks also keep the taste cool. Therefore, the company will need to consider the customers who are stuck in traffic because if they are too far away, delivery is also difficult.

Although Burger King has not confirmed anything about Google’s new sales strategy based on GPS and data, the above information has partly shown the obvious selling opportunities of food and beverage companies.

We Believers creative director Gustavo Lauria said that Burger King is still trying to change services and promises to find new and safer delivery soon.

It is unclear whether Lauria’s sharing has the meaning of whether Burger King will deliver by drone because this delivery method is quick, timely and rarely delayed due to traffic jam.

Earlier, Domino’s fast food chain had tested drone for delivery early in 2016, but it seems that the company has halted this delivery.

Or as Amazon is also testing delivery services with drone called Prime Air. Amazon boss Jeff Bezos said that this is a promising and very convenient delivery. Amazon even said that the company has researched and built an automatic collision avoidance system for the drone to prevent the drone from crashing and damaging the user’s item.

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