Building Web App Based on Abp Framework

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This is a non-layered Abp project. Features included in the project include:

  • [x] View, add, delete, edit books
  • [x] Export files in 2 formats CSV, EXCEL
  • [x] Create more clients to use for mobile modules
  • [x] Provide CRUD book api for mobile module

System model

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Components in BookStoreService :

How to run the project

Set up sql server connection string at appsettings.json

Then stand in the folder MyAbp.BookStore run the following command:

The next step, standing in the folder MyAbp.BookStore we run the command:

The above command will pull the javascript packages that the project uses.

After the above command is done, we open the Visual studio IDE and run the project.

Call Api from postman

Create Client from Api api/openid/app/create with input:

Authorization for mobile clients

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Call the connect api (according to OAUTH 2.0) to get the access token:

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Call the get book api using the above access token:

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