Breaking the law to plow, gamers were sued by NPH to the end and had to pay up to 3.4 billion VND

Tram Ho

The lesson learned is that gamers should not violate the publisher’s regulations.

Recently, the Shanghai Court heard a case of violation of regulations related to fighting game addiction among minors. Specifically, a group of gamers used software to bypass the game’s firewall system, in order to plow for players under the age of 18. The game that is circumvented is a product of Tencent.

This group of gamers has been working to increase the power of the account, through the use of information of people over the age of 18. Tencent decided to take this incident to court to warn players who intend to break the game’s regulatory system. This is considered the first time that a game company has taken drastic measures, partly to protect its own company.

Tencent determined that this action would create unhealthy problems for gamers, and could cause its project to be in trouble before the law. When China has very strict regulations regarding the long-term ban on gaming for minors.

Lách luật để cày thuê, game thủ bị NPH quyết kiện đến cùng và phải trả số tiền lên tới 3.4 tỷ - Ảnh 1.


In the end, the other group of plowing gamers was ordered by the court to immediately stop their behavior and compensate Tencent with a total amount of 985,000 yuan (approximately 3.4 billion VND) for economic damage and other damages. issuer’s rights protection costs. The lesson learned is that gamers should not try to break the rules of the game, otherwise they have to pay a large amount of money to the publisher.

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