“Break into” one of the best workplaces in the world for tech people

Tram Ho

Google is considered one of the ideal workplace for tech people. More specifically, Google’s Cambridge office is a paradise on earth, the elevator looks like a subway that takes workers to green beaches.

From the beginning of the colonization, Google’s first office was an old garage, but now it has become one of the most desirable destinations for tech people.

Google’s office is located in unique buildings in many different countries, from an old hangar factory in LA to an old vodka factory in Warsaw, Poland, which have been transformed into extraordinary phenomena. Utility workplace for Google people. The office in Cambridge, Massachusetts is located in a normal building but inside is the only unique work place.

Design firm Nelson Worldwide has collaborated with Googlers for five years designing the office space in Cambridge, all inspired by the iconic locations of Boston and Cambridge. This workspace shows how designers integrate with Google’s culture to form a unique workplace, and this unique combination won the iDesign 2015 award.

Google originally planned an area of ​​nearly 1,900 square meters, but after partnering with Nelson Worldwide, Google finally got this unique, spacious workplace. According to Nelson, the original goal was to create a campus imprinted with Boston and Cambridge, and it was surprisingly quick to receive a nod of approval from Google.

Come on, let’s take a small journey to discover this unique workplace!

The large office spans 28,000 square meters
The integrated workspace can accommodate up to 1200 people
The campus is inspired by the transportation systems of Boston and Cambridge
Each floor has different “unique” relaxation stations
Like the library at Arlington Street “station”
… … to the real Victorian houses at Green Line “station”
On the Red Line, this “station” is inspired by the Liberty Hotel and the infamous Charles Street Prison, including the actual prison door.
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Source : Techtalk