Brand OSAKAR – 16 years and journey “covering” the country

Tram Ho

Duc Minh Production & Trade Joint Stock Company – also known by the brand OSAKAR is one of the brands, has been on the market 16 years ago. With the beginning of a specialist in assembling motorcycle parts for famous brands in 2004.

By 2007, in the face of increasing traffic accidents, the Government issued Resolution 32 and followed by the Prime Minister’s 1928 telegram on “Mandatory wearing helmets for road users. “. The need for helmets has become a hot issue in society. In order to meet that demand, OSAKAR invested in a production line specialized in manufacturing high quality helmets and created great success at that time.

Thương hiệu OSAKAR - 16 năm và hành trình “phủ sóng” cả nước - Ảnh 1.

After 8 years of continuing to expand production, OSAKAR built a factory specializing in the manufacture of electric scooters and electric bicycles. Many years after researching and researching in-depth on the production of electric bicycles, electric scooters, together with the combination of famous foreign partners. Duc Minh OSAKAR Company has launched the OSAKAR brand of electric bicycles, electric scooters with outstanding quality, suitable for Vietnamese geography, perfect waterproof engine, and a reasonable choice. thought for all customers

With the business philosophy of “Quality affirms brand”, OSAKAR has made a mark on many consumers, especially young people in the country and was honored with the top 10 national quality famous product brands.

From perfection effort to enhancing consumer experience

Known as one of the leading electric vehicle manufacturing and trading – assembling enterprises in Vietnam, OSAKAR has affirmed its position in the Vietnamese electric vehicle market with nearly 400 dealers across 63 provinces. . Each electric car model is shipped with the trust of Vietnamese customers.

Thương hiệu OSAKAR - 16 năm và hành trình “phủ sóng” cả nước - Ảnh 2.

From a small business, OSAKAR always strives to provide the best user experience, and has become one of the leading electric vehicle companies. For each product, the company always emphasizes the continuous improvement, optimization of functions, design to bring convenience, to serve all customers, especially the young.

Thương hiệu OSAKAR - 16 năm và hành trình “phủ sóng” cả nước - Ảnh 3.

OSAKAR has always been a popular name for Vietnamese youth.

Product lines such as OSAKAR Xmen with strong personality designs always create a dynamic and disruptive feeling for users. The new Nispa SV series, launched in 2020, has a design with an extremely luxurious and sophisticated design. On the road, it is easy to see an OSAKAR electric car “traveling” with a young person, maybe a student, or a college student – university.

Thương hiệu OSAKAR - 16 năm và hành trình “phủ sóng” cả nước - Ảnh 4.

So it is not an exaggeration to say that OSAKAR is becoming a brand chosen by many consumers. In addition to improving designs in line with trends, the company also constantly improves product quality, finds safe and energy-saving electric vehicle solutions.

Until the moment “coverage” 63 provinces

The year 2020 marks an important milestone for the OSAKAR brand when it officially reaches nearly 400 dealers, proudly affirms that the company’s electric vehicles have been present in all 63 provinces. During the time of establishment and development, OSAKAR always oriented to expand the market, expanding the system in all provinces across the country.

Thương hiệu OSAKAR - 16 năm và hành trình “phủ sóng” cả nước - Ảnh 5.

The opening ceremony of the electric car showroom of OSAKAR and has officially reached the milestone of nearly 400 dealers.

Understand the needs and difficulties, OSAKAR not only always brings preeminent and differentiated policies for dealers, but the OSAKAR name also contributes to helping agents improve sales for a while. short time.

With the business philosophy of putting quality first and ensuring the interests of customers, OSAKAR also has its own standards to select the right dealers. In response to the efforts from 2015 to start producing electric cars, OSAKAR is proud to have become a partner of nearly 400 dealers in almost all provinces and cities nationwide, stretching from North to South.

This is a great and remarkable success because currently in the electric vehicle market, there are very few brands that have received so much trust from dealers. It is this talking figure that proves the dedication and quality of service coming from the 16-year-old brand. In the future, OSAKAR is expected to become one of the leading companies in the electric vehicle market, becoming an indispensable brand for every home.

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