Bphone 4 was officially launched on March 25

Tram Ho

BKAV CEO Nguyen Tu Quang has recently officially announced the launch time of the next Bphone model, Bphone 4, which will be March 25. Thus, after nearly 1.5 years since Bphone 3 has been on the market, BKAV has finally succeeded in developing the successor version.

The Bphone 4 launch event was somewhat affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. Previously, BKAV had consulted the user community about whether to launch Bphone 4 immediately or wait for the epidemic to end. According to the majority of votes, BKAV decided to hold the event right in this March, but the number of guests may be limited compared to previous events.

Bphone 4 chính thức ra mắt ngày 25/3 - Ảnh 1.

Previously, according to Mr. Quang’s sharing, Bphone 4 will give users “unlimited experience”.

“Bphone must have a luxurious design, beautiful, good grip feeling. Pioneering in PHOTO PHOTO PHOTO PHOTOGRAPHY brings unlimited photography experiences.

Water and dust resistance is only available at the most advanced machines on the market. Not only does waterproofing protect against water, it also makes the machine more durable when the circuit board system is protected against absolute humidity, especially in hot and humid climates in our country.

Security with the ability to find a lost device that no other manufacturer in the world can do the same. It saves you and peace of mind when using. Quite a lot of Bfans have experienced this special feeling

As a late market participant, but our R&D efforts, Bphone is somewhat leading the trend when other manufacturers have to learn such as the design of the bottomless screen, no rabbit ears or “forehead forehead”, Macro photography, or Full Gesture gesture control the Bfans have been experienced for a long time, but recently appeared to be part of other products.

All of this gives you UNLIMITED EXPERIENCES, including from the functional, functional and emotional aspects. “

Currently, there has not been much reliable leak information about Bphone 4, showing that BKAV is doing very good security. This will help the launching ceremony of Bphone 4 on March 25 to become very attractive.

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Source : Genk