Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog first joined the bomb squad of US police

Tram Ho

Currently a professional dog can participate in many jobs such as sniffing, detecting bombs, etc.But in the future as technology develops, robot dogs will be able to do more than that. For example, the robot dog Spot of Boston Dynamics.

Chó robot của Boston Dynamics lần đầu tham gia vào biệt đội phá bom của cảnh sát Mỹ - Ảnh 1.

Boston Dynamics was originally a division of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) before becoming a start-up in 1992. The company is now owned by Softbank after being sold from Google in 2017.

The company mainly researches special robot models, which have functions similar to humans. Boston Dynamics used to have many unique products such as humanoid robots that can run, santo jump, jump over obstacles, … and more recently Spot dog robots.

Recently in a video posted on Facebook, Boston Dynamics has revealed images of the robot dog Spot working for a bomb squad. However, the American Civil Liberties Union (ALCU) has objected to the action, saying that the use of versatile robots in the environment of guns will be dangerous.

Chó robot của Boston Dynamics lần đầu tham gia vào biệt đội phá bom của cảnh sát Mỹ - Ảnh 2.

ALCU expressed interest in this robot model and is learning how the authorities and organizations use this robot.

Accordingly, Boston Dynamics is renting the robotic dog Spot for 90 days (starting from August to November) for the purpose of evaluating the robot's ability to support law enforcement, especially in hazardous environments.

Earlier in September, Boston Dynamics announced that organizations could rent Spot robots but it was unclear how the rent would be.

But according to Kade Crockford, Massachusetts-based liberal technology program manager, he said that Boston Dynamics' lack of transparency. He said there is still much we do not know about how and where to use the robot in Massachusetts.

Kade emphasized that government agencies need to publicize the Spot robot testing plan, and build regulations on the application of robots in special tasks, ensuring civil liberties and civil rights. .

Chó robot của Boston Dynamics lần đầu tham gia vào biệt đội phá bom của cảnh sát Mỹ - Ảnh 3.

That is the view of a non-profit organization and in the online community, everything is divided into two streams of opinion. One side praised and supported the new technology and the other expressed its extreme fear about the development of robots.

Elizabeth Joh, a professor at UC Davis Law School also shares the same feelings with some people. She is concerned about the potential risk of implementing a robotic dog in practice because its open API could be used by bad guys for other purposes.

She also asserted that the US government and the states will need to be serious before deciding whether to support robots to support the police or not.

The video records the Spot dog trial scene of police in several states in the US

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