BOE is eliminated by Samsung, likely will not be able to provide AMOLED screen for Galaxy S21

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Despite guaranteeing all orders for the OLED screen for Huawei Mate 40, according to the latest disclosure, BOE cannot meet Samsung’s requirements. This also means that BOE will not be able to provide OLED panels for the Galaxy S21 series launched early next year.

BOE bị Samsung loại thẳng tay, khả năng sẽ không thể cung cấp màn AMOLED cho Galaxy S21 - Ảnh 1.

According to ETNews , BOE has been removed from Project U. This is an internal development project of the Galaxy S21 series. Although the insider didn’t disclose exactly why Samsung canceled the order with BOE, it is speculated that the quality and price of the monitor may be the main reason for BOE’s elimination.

In addition, analysts said that Samsung Display may have surpassed BOE and won an official order. Obviously, in terms of production capacity and quality of OLED screens for mobile devices, Samsung Display is still a difficult opponent to overcome at the present time.

Samsung Display was one of the first companies to commercialize curved AMOLED screen technology for mobile devices. After years of battle in the market, Samsung Display is becoming the world’s largest exclusive supplier of OLED screens with a 90% market share and is a regular partner of Samsung Electronics, Apple and LG.

The BOE’s removal from the list of AMOLED panel suppliers by Samsung is a sign that BOE is not really ready.

BOE bị Samsung loại thẳng tay, khả năng sẽ không thể cung cấp màn AMOLED cho Galaxy S21 - Ảnh 2.

Before that, BOE invested a lot of money in developing AMOLED screen prototypes for Samsung. The company believes that if the order is supplied for Galaxy S21, BOE’s reputation will gradually be spread and recognized in the world.

This is understandable because the Galaxy S-series is inherently high-end product line and is highly appreciated by Samsung.

Chinese screen maker BOE, after years of entering the market and gaining a certain market share in the LCD segment, is gradually shifting to OLED.

BOE believes that this is the future of the screen industry and has great growth potential. Therefore BOE will definitely not give up and will continue to convince Samsung in the next orders.

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