Bloomberg: Tesla suddenly suspended production at its super factory in China

Tram Ho

At present, it is not possible to determine why Tesla suspended the operation of the super factory in China. However, a Chinese tech news site said the reason for the decision could be due to a lack of components. Currently, Tesla’s only factory outside the US is said to be lacking in parts for Model 3 vehicles.

Stopping production in China means that Tesla has suspended its entire vehicle production line. Currently, their other factory in Fremont, California is no longer in operation because of Covid-19. Currently, the factory in Shanghai is considered extremely important to Tesla because the US may take weeks, even months, to reopen the economy compared to China.

Bloomberg: Tesla đột ngột đình chỉ hoạt động sản xuất tại siêu nhà máy ở Trung Quốc - Ảnh 1.

According to unnamed sources, some workers are at the Tesla factory in China to inspect equipment, maintenance, and maintenance. Earlier, the factory was also shut down earlier this year when a disease outbreak in China. However, this was also one of the first automobile factories to be rebuilt with the support of local authorities.

It was this that helped boost Tesla sales in March in China when other carmakers struggled.

In its statement, Tesla said its factory in Shanghai is operating normally and the company takes advantage of a Labor holiday in China, lasting May 1-5, to maintain the lines. manufacturing.

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