Bloomberg: Apple will launch a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a MiniLED display this month, despite stock availability

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According to reports from sources familiar with the matter, the next-generation display will become the highlight of Apple’s upcoming flagship iPad Pro.

Specifically, the US technology giant plans to introduce the new MiniLED screen technology in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro lineup that will be announced as early as the second half of April.

However, in the current context, the company’s overseas suppliers are dealing with poor production output, according to unnamed sources. At least one of the MiniLED manufacturers has recently halted production, one person added.

Regardless, Apple intends to announce the updated iPad Pro tablet in two sizes, as early as this month. The MiniLED display is promised to improve contrast ratios and deliver brighter images, but will be exclusive to the more expensive 12.9-inch model. However, supply issues could mean that the larger iPad Pro will ship later and be available in limited quantities from the start.

Bloomberg: Apple sẽ ra mắt iPad Pro mới 12,9 inch với màn hình MiniLED trong tháng này, bất chấp tình trạng khan hàng - Ảnh 1.

The build model is said to be the new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the new iPad mini 6.

Last month, Bloomberg reported that Apple was preparing to launch a new iPad Pro in April. An Apple spokesperson declined to comment.

The Taiwan-based suppliers Ennostar, General Interface Solution Holding and Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology Corp. are among the main suppliers of MiniLED technology.

The new iPad Pro models will be Apple’s first major hardware launch in 2021, and will add to a lineup of performance that’s particularly good as people increasingly work and study at home. In addition to the new display, Apple plans to add an A14X processor, with similar performance to the M1 chip and support for Thunderbolt 4 ports. The Thunderbolt port will allow the iPad Pro to connect to external displays, storage drives and peripherals, which promise to bring the iPad closer to the Mac in terms of personal computing power.

Bloomberg: Apple sẽ ra mắt iPad Pro mới 12,9 inch với màn hình MiniLED trong tháng này, bất chấp tình trạng khan hàng - Ảnh 2.

The back of the likely upcoming iPad series builder.

The iPad generated $ 8.4 billion in revenue for Apple during the holiday quarter of 2020, the most since 2014. When students and workers begin to return to schools and offices, Apple will bet on iPad models upgrade to maintain interest in its tablet lineup.

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