Block malicious code on Facebook (automatically send messages, automatically Tag friends ..)

In this article I will share with you an extension to support blocking malicious codes on Facebook very popular today, such as malicious codes automatically send messages, automatically tag all friends in your name on Facebook. If you've ever been exposed to this malicious code, then you will know the real feeling, an extremely unpleasant feeling. It's like you're trying to calculate Spam, bothering people, in general it's a real feeling "Yomost" =]] z

Just kidding, come back to the main problem in the article today! About a year ago, a utility called Facebook Protector was developed to protect users from malicious code, malicious websites, phishing … on the internet. And after only a short time Public, this utility has been widely used by users because of its effectiveness (nearly 38 thousand installations). However, for a reason related to trademark rights, because the Facebook Protector utility has the word "Facebook" in its name, it is possible that the author received a copyright infringement warning from Facebook. Therefore, this utility has been stopped maintenance and developed for a long time.

But please don't be sad, the Facebook Protector utility wo n't die. Recently, the author of this utility has launched a new product with a completely new name that is J2TeaM Security .


Introducing the J2TeaM Security utility

J2TeaM Security is a free extension on the web browser , which inherits all the features and successes of the previously developed Facebook Protector utility. This small utility will protect you more safely when using Facebook because of phishing (phishing), phishing (scam) and malicious websites (malware) for computers.

Talk a little bit about the author of the J2TeaM Security utility and Facebook Protector: The Vietnamese author, his real name is Tuan, and the nickname you use is Juno_okyo . If you are interested, you can find out more about the author here !

Which web browser can J2TeaM Security work?

Currently, I see the author uploading Chrome Store only, so now J2TeaM Security utility only supports Google Chrome browser, Coc Coc and other browsers using open source Chromium.

How to install J2TeaM Security

How to install is as simple as other extensions, please visit this link => then click on the + ADD TO CHROME button to proceed with the installation.


A window will appear asking for confirmation of the installation. Click on Add extension to agree to the installation is complete.


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This is the icon of J2TeaM Security icon, if you want to enter any settings, right-click on the icon and select Options . Or if you want to contact the author directly, left-click the icon and you will be taken to the author's Facebook link.


This is the default setting of this utility, you can set up more depending on your needs. I'm alone, it's important that the real-time protection is real


Note: If you want to manage extensions on your web browser (Google Chrome, Coc Coc), you can quickly access this address: chrome: // extensions

Yes ! and once the utility detects malicious code or a fake website, it will block and appear a message like this:



In short, according to my personal assessment, J2TeaM Security is a utility worth using, it helps you prevent malicious code on Facebook and fake websites quickly and promptly, which This will limit the disclosure of personal information and loss of account, security enhancement …

A utility that I think should be available, because in the end it is a free software that, moreover, the author is Vietnamese, so I understand the dangers that are happening in the country. From there, security features can be updated in a timely manner.

Hope the article will be useful to you, wish you success!

ITZone via Kien Nguyen

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