BKAV CEO Nguyen Tu Quang: The first engineers in Qualcomm VN are trained by BKAV, without Bphone, there is no Qualcomm VN growing as today.

Tram Ho

In late June, Qualcomm opened a new office in Hanoi and the Interoperability Testing Laboratory – which is also the company’s first Research and Development (R&D) facility in Southeast Asia.

The new on-site laboratory provides high-end testing services to Qualcomm’s domestic original equipment manufacturers, including VinSmart, BKAV and Viettel, to develop and manufacture quality equipment. Highly meet the international standards.

Qualcomm said the decision to expand its office and set up a laboratory now reflects its belief in the Vietnamese market, as well as emphasizing its commitment to Vietnam. Qualcomm sees an opportunity to partner with local businesses and organizations to build the country’s 5G ecosystem.

To welcome the event, BKAV CEO Nguyen Tu Quang recently congratulated to Qualcomm Vietnam.

CEO BKAV Nguyễn Tử Quảng: Những kỹ sư đầu tiên ở Qualcomm VN đều do BKAV đào tạo, không có Bphone thì không có Qualcomm VN lớn mạnh như ngày hôm nay - Ảnh 1.

Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang (white shirt, right side) at the opening ceremony of Qualcomm’s new office & laboratory in Vietnam

“Vietnam is one of 10 countries in the world that can proactively produce smartphones. Including the US, Japan, South Korea, China … Qualcomm Technology Group considers Vietnam eligible to build the industry. smartphone for yourself.

Qualcomm recently opened an office expansion in Hanoi and built its first R&D lab in Southeast Asia. The goal is to “assist Vietnam in achieving its goal of becoming a regional technology center”.

Congratulations to Qualcomm Vietnam!

I attended the opening ceremony, met all acquaintances. You are very proud, thanks to the capabilities of the local engineering team that convinced Qualcomm to invest more strongly in Vietnam. “

At the same time, Mr. Quang affirmed that BKAV has contributed a significant part to the success of Qualcomm Vietnam today.

“In particular, the Vietnamese engineers and management team are completely Vietnamese. It is rare for a multinational corporation. Moreover, the first engineers here are trained by Bkav.

It can be said that without Qualcomm, there would be no Bphone and without Bphone, there would be no Qualcomm in Vietnam as strong as today.

I am proud Bkav has laid the foundation and is promoting daily smartphone industry of Vietnam, owned by Vietnamese people. “

Recently, another Vietnamese smartphone manufacturer, VinSmart has officially revealed Vsmart Aris 5G, the first “Made in Vietnam” 5G smartphone. Aris 5G uses a Snapdragon 765 chip with a 5G modem, and is the result of a collaboration between VinSmart and Qualcomm.

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