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One-click Bitcoin Lightning Networks

Problems developing Dapps on the Lightning network

To install Lightning current network we need to install Golang> go1.11 then install Bitcoin node then install lnd, … more installed himself has mentioned in the article is that you can take examination. As far as I can see, that way of installation is very long, easy to follow, and really takes a lot of time for beginners. Recently, I have just found out and discovered a pretty good app to setup the quick and light test environment in a few clicks so we can set up the Lightning network environment. That is Polar

Polar was built to help coders develop the Lightning Network application quickly by creating one or more local networks on their computers.

With Polar you can:

  • Create a Lightning Network regtest in just a few clicks
  • Connect from your application to the Lightning buttons via RPC
  • Launch terminal in each bitcoin / Lightning node
  • Add more buttons using drag and drop
  • Open and close channels
  • Mine new blocks
  • Deposit regtest into each Lightning node

Supported Network nodes:

  • LND v0.8.0 & v0.7.1
  • Bitcoin Core v0.18.1
  • c-lightning

How to install


Polar requires you to install Docker to create local networks

On Mac & Windows, you just need to install Docker Desktop

On Linux, you need to install Docker Server and Docker Compose separately


Currently Polar has released a few versions for Mac, Win and Ubuntu to install, you can go to the following link to select the installation.


Or you can also clone github of Polar and run: https://github.com/jamaljsr/polar Note that you should install the releases because the current dev version is still dev, there are still many errors during use.


Note that if the pull docker is in error, please correct the DNS server config to instead of with the command

Polar is an app developed on React code using TypeScript and Electron, and until now it has continued to fix some bugs and develop more functions.

Architecture behind polar

User manual

We will start by creating a Lightning network

Here we have a few parameters

  • Network Name: Because you can create multiple networks, you can name your network to distinguish it from other networks
  • How many LND nodes: You can configure the number of LND nodes at initialization (On the clone repo version, there are additional c-lightning nodes).
  • How many bitcoind nodes: currently default to 1 bitcoind node for each network

Once created we will have a network as follows. To start, click Start

On the left side, you can drag and drop to add nodes

The info section of the LND node contains information about the LND node, including:

  • Node type: includes the node type lighning or bitcoind
  • Implementation: LND or c-lightning
  • Version: v0.8.0-beta or v0.7.1-beta, …
  • Status: Stopping or Running

The connect part is the best part:

  • GRPC Host and REST Host
  • P2P LN Url: the address of the node
  • Docs API: open to LND’s document page

In addition, TLS Cert, Admin Macaroon and Read-only Macaroon provide in the form of a path to the file, values ​​in HEX, Base64, … These values ​​are extremely important during the dev process that you can connect from the code. Very simple without having to set up the environment.

Let’s try using these values ​​to connect with any Joule wallet. Joule is an extension to the lightning network

After installation press Start select Local node

Part Node URL filled in according to the REST Host of NND LND in Polar provided here I choose the node Bob REST URL is localhost: 8083

Then fill in admin.macaroon and readonly.macaroon we just need to open the file according to the path provided by Polar and drag and drop those 2 files

This is the result after completing connecting Node bob vs Joule wallet extremely simple and does not take too much time.

In addition to the Actions section, you can open the terminal and operate with the lncli command

Can Deposit for LND node

The Quick Mine part of the navbar is to mine 1 block and you can also install 1 quickmine as the bn block

Open channel

You just need to drag and drop the LND nodes together and fill in the pre-initialized values ​​for the channel

You can then send and receive money in the channel and see the values ​​in the channel by clicking on the link between the notes (the icon for the Channel)

The values ​​provided by the app are really helpful during the Lightning dev process.

You can see the more detailed demo here:


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