Billionaires spend money to build an entire city: Total estimated cost is about 400 million USD!

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Many films have built on the image of a young character who initiates a strange idea that goes beyond the imagination of the majority and succeeds. In fact, billionaire Marc Lore with a fortune of $4 billion can be considered a “character” coming out of the movies.

At the age of 50, his dream life really began.

The billionaire owns different ideas to “make money”

Lore grew up in a home with a father who was passionate about business ventures. Thanks to family support, Lore learned to watch the stock market and keep up with business trends as a teenager.

Starting as a banker in the early 90s, the billionaire learned many valuable business lessons. Lore soon went on to found an e-commerce site that Topps acquired for $5.7 million in 2001. By 2005, he co-founded and again raised 545 million dollars when sold to Amazon.

In 2014, Lore founded another e-commerce company called Jet and sold it to Walmart for $3.3 billion just two years later. Thanks to his outstanding talent, he was assigned the position of CEO of Walmart’s e-commerce business transactions. To date, billionaire Lore becomes the highest-paid executive in America.

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Marc Lore currently holds the position of CEO of Walmart (Image: Fortune)

Unprecedented reckless super project

Thanks to her huge fortune, Lore began to realize her dreams and develop many different business ideas. He and baseball expert Alex Rodriguez bought the Minnesota Timberwolves in early 2021.

However, the billionaire only really caught the eye when he announced plans for a “utopia” in the western United States. According to the United Nations climate change report from 2021, the Earth could reach 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2040, affecting more than 1 billion people by 2050.

According to USA Today , Lore has plans to build a $400 billion metropolis called “the new city in America.” It is expected that this city will be built on the west coast. He hopes the project will become a blueprint for the future and in terms of eco-friendly architecture, sustainable energy production and building drought resistant water systems.

Lore’s city is expected to be home to 5 million residents, and residents will prioritize cycling, walking, and slow-moving self-driving cars. They call it Telosa – a city where everyone is heard and the environment comes first.

Billionaire Marc Lore revealed to the New York Post that he will turn the “worthless” land into a place of value. The people living here will have a true perfect life.

The first phase of the project is expected to be completed in 2030 and is estimated to have a capacity of 50,000 residents. In the next 40 years, about 5 million people will live here.

Tỷ phú mạnh tay chi tiền để xây dựng nguyên một thành phố: Tổng chi phí dự kiến khoảng 400 triệu USD! - Ảnh 2.

Projected drawing of the future city (Image: CNN)

What is the probability of success?

Recently, Lore has embarked on the implementation of the project. Those involved in building this dream city include the architecture firm Bjarke Ingles Group. Currently, the group has a drawing of Telosa and hopes to buy land soon, although a specific location has not been selected.

According to reports, Lore is not the first to come up with the idea of ​​​​building a new residential area. According to Sarah Moser, an associate professor of geography at Montreal’s McGill University, she is currently tracking about 150 projects supported by government or private grants, and none of them have hit the mark yet.

The common wish of technologists is that these new cities can open up test sites for autonomous vehicles and robot-assisted living.

In 2020, Toyota announced plans to create a 2,000-person city at the foot of Mount Fuji for this type of community. Besides, the New Harmony project, Indiana has recorded three failures. Garden City by Ebenezer Howard with the idea of ​​​​developing “garden cities” around the world also failed to meet the initial expectations.

Billionaire Lore also affirmed that he himself knows this is a “difficult” project and is facing certain difficulties. However, regardless of the outcome, he was determined to fulfill his dream to the end. Lore’s project also receives support from the industry as it aims to a better future for both humans and nature.

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