Billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong used to be deeply in debt because his startup went bankrupt, Jack Ma applied for a job rejected by KFC, what should young people who want to succeed to learn from them?

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The failure story of billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong, Jack Ma

In recent years, “Pham Nhat Vuong” and “Vingroup” have become hot keywords on Google with many cult events, such as launching VinFast car in Paris, introducing VinFast electric motorcycle models, Launched the Vsmart smartphone, inaugurated the first project of the Landmark skyscraper … If you look at the successes this billionaire achieved, few people remember the failure he experienced. But these are the things that shaped the bravery of successful people like him. In an article in Tuoi Tre newspaper in 2019, billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong once talked about his failures.

I’m just an ordinary person. I went to study in the Soviet Union, then stayed to work. Starting a business was actually from the third year of college. In Moscow, at Dom 5, I also rented one. room to sell but the business is poor, the more the business is, the more the loss is.

To the next paragraph, import goods from Vietnam. At that time, the windbreaker trade was at the peak, making a lot of money at first. But in the end it lost all. Bankruptcy always, because when the market goes down, we react incorrectly and not in time. Students have no experience, so they go bankrupt. When leaving Moscow to go down Kharkov still owe 40,000 USD “, billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong said.

I am more sensitive to the market. I” beat “more so I am smarter “, he draws value from those failures.

Another example is that the richest man in China, Jack Ma, has repeatedly shared about his failure in life. In an interview in 2015, Alibaba boss revealed that he had failed college twice. Worse, after graduation he applied for jobs at 30 different companies and was rejected all.

Tỷ phú Phạm Nhật Vượng từng nợ đầm đìa vì startup phá sản, Jack Ma đi xin việc bị KFC từ chối, người trẻ muốn thành công nên học gì từ họ? - Ảnh 1.

Even out of the 24 people who applied to work at KFC, 23 were accepted and the only case eliminated was Jack Ma. He said that the main reason is because he is not good looking and short. Jack Ma was rejected 10 times by the most prestigious university in the world like Harvard.

Later, when he founded Alibaba in 1998, Jack Ma encountered even more obstacles. For the first three years, the business was not profitable, and that made him creative to keep his business going. One of the company’s main challenges is that there is no way to make payments and no banks want to work with them.

Therefore, Jack Ma decided to create his own payment application called Alipay that helps transfer payments in different currencies between buyers and sellers around the world.

The ability to persevere in the face of failure

“Your ability to persevere in the face of setbacks and disappointments is the level of your own beliefs and your ability to succeed ,” noted author Brian Tracy in the book. 100 Immutable Laws in Business “.

Persistence is the iron quality of success. The most important asset you can have – a quality that sets you apart from everyone else: Is your ability to endure longer than everyone else.

A primary trait of key quality mentioned by Brian Tracy: Persistence is an act of self-discipline. As you endure in the face of unavoidable setbacks, delays, disappointments, and temporary defeats that you will experience in life, and you continue to persevere despite Through these difficulties, you have shown yourself and those around you that you have the qualities of self-discipline and self-control and these qualities are extremely valuable to any harvest. What great success.

Winston Churchill summed up his life’s most important lesson about the second characteristic of perseverance when he said: ” Never give up; never give up.

Churchill believed and proved over and over again throughout his life that the stubborn man facing what appears to be pathetic failure is often the key quality for converting that failure into victory. . Churchill is perhaps seen as the greatest political leader of the 20th century because of his willingness to resign from grievances and hold firmly in the midst of what appears to be a defeat or a sure defeat. .

As you support all of your goals and plans with unwavering determination and tenacity, you will eventually find that nothing in the world can stop you. You will become an irresistible force of instinct. Your goal of achievement will come true.

Brian Tracy points out two ways to help young people who want to succeed train instant persistence:

1. Make a list of the problems and challenges you are facing right now. At what points are you feeling depressed or uncertain? At what points do you need to be even more persistent than what you are doing today? Always remind yourself, “Failure is not an option.”

2. First, be determined that, whatever happens, you will never give up. Remember that if you confidently move in the direction of your dreams, and you have made up your mind in advance that you will never give up, great success will eventually come to you.

Except for you, no one can block your path. Be steady on your way!

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