Billionaire Elon Musk took many years to make Tesla Cybertruck for $ 70,000 but this player only took 8 days and sold by 1/70

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With a physique similar to stepping out of a 5-year-old boy’s painting, Tesla Cybertruck has quickly become the most satirical topic on social networks. After the incident of a user renting a Ford F-150, pasting cloth based on the image copied from Cybertruck … parked right in front of Tesla, another fake pickup appeared in Russia with a much more determined investment. .

Tỷ phú Elon Musk mất nhiều năm để làm ra Tesla Cybertruck với giá 70.000 USD nhưng dân chơi này chỉ mất 8 ngày và bán bằng 1/70 - Ảnh 1.

Specifically, the Cybertruck recorded in the lower clip is capable of operating completely. The exterior of the car simulates quite accurately the shape of the American pickup, although the design rate is a bit different because the original Lada Samara is a family wagon. The dimension of length x width x height of the original Tesla Cybertruck reached 5,885 x 2,030 x 1,905 mm, of which the tank is 1,981 mm long with a maximum volume of 2,832 liters.

Russian players invent Tesla Cybertruck as real

Both the taillights and the headlights have been upgraded to a horizontal LED strip like Cybertruck and it seems the body is also made of steel.

The feat was so but the owner said he only took 8 days and $ 1,300 to rebuild the car, of which the money was mainly for … to buy the original Lada Samara. On the side of Tesla Cybertruck, this model costs from 40,000 up to 70,000 USD depending on the version. It is true that in addition to the two details mentioned above, this guy does not have to worry too much about technology toys or external equipment because Cybertruck was released in November … without both.

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