Billionaire Bill Gates remembers the license plate number of each employee, the story behind makes anyone who works at Microsoft scream

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According to CNBC , in the early years of building Microsoft technology corporation, CEO – billionaire Bill Gates had a habit of memorizing the license plates of each employee. This caused great curiosity to the public, what purpose did this talented CEO do?

The story of the boss is too hard with the weird habit of remembering each employee’s license plate

People always appreciate the balance between work – life but that seems hard to find in Bill Gates. He is too hard-working! In a 2016 interview with BBC Radio 4 , Gates shared how he was obsessed with work. “I used to be a workaholic. I worked on the weekends and had no vacation concept.”

Because of such hard work, it is not surprising that Bill Gates also expects his employees to be the same. Although he is busy with hundreds of thousands of jobs, Gates can tell who is hardworking and who is lazy.

Tỷ phú Bill Gates nhớ biển số xe của từng nhân viên, câu chuyện phía sau khiến bất cứ ai làm việc tại Microsoft khóc thét - Ảnh 1.

“I was forced to be cautious about imposing my standards on the way others work. I memorized the license plates of each person. From there, when I looked out at the parking lot, I knew the staff arrived and leave now. “ – Gates shared with the BBC .

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen shared the same thing in a 2011 article in Vanity Fair magazine: “Microsoft is a high-stress working environment because Bill Gates directed his employees to standards like that. “

Although Microsoft Corporation has become very successful, evidenced by many analysts predicting a market cap of $ 1 trillion next year, most experts agree that employee management Micro level is an ineffective leadership strategy.

Obsession with being strict about anyone who works at Microsoft

The BRG page once shared, “Although Gates always appears as a friendly and hospitable neighbor, don’t let the smile on his face fool you!” . And like Steve Jobs, the bizarre nature of Bill Gates scared employees, sometimes depression.

Tỷ phú Bill Gates nhớ biển số xe của từng nhân viên, câu chuyện phía sau khiến bất cứ ai làm việc tại Microsoft khóc thét - Ảnh 2.

Paul Allen also shared anecdote about a former Microsoft employee, named Bob Greenberg, who worked 81 hours in four days to complete the project. On the weekend of work, Bill Gates asked Greenberg what he planned to do the next day when he received an answer that Greenberg wanted to rest. However, Bill Gates gave a harsh statement, “Why would you want to do that?”

In recent years, in an interview on BR 4 , Gates admitted that he was forced to change the nature of his control as Microsoft Corporation expanded. “In the end, I have to loosen up the policy when the company reaches a large scale to achieve rationality , he said.

According to CNBC

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