Bill Gates says Warren Buffett’s resounding career is “something anyone can do” with just one secret

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Warren Buffett is always in the top richest people in the world. At 88, he still runs Berkshire Hathaway, which his parent company owns businesses like Geico (the second-largest auto insurance company in the United States), Dairy Queen (a chain that serves sweets and home). fast food restaurants) and See’s Candies (American manufacturer and distributor of sweets, especially chocolate).

The key to Buffett’s phenomenal success, however, is an incredibly simple habit and “something anyone can do,” his longtime friend Bill Gates mentioned in a blog post. recent blog: “He reads books every day.”

Bill Gates nói về sự nghiệp vang dội của Warren Buffett là “điều mà ai cũng có thể làm” chỉ nhờ một bí quyết - Ảnh 1.

Buffett, who spends five to six hours a day reading books and newspapers, finds it “interesting to think about business and investment issues,” he said in his documentary “Becoming Warren Buffett.” HBO.

Staying up to date with business news and current events is a relatively simple way to gain a competitive edge. “Everybody can read what I read. It’s a level playing field,” Buffett once told his late wife, Susan Buffett, according to the HBO documentary.

Susan also once said of Buffett: “He sat there alone in his office, reading things that other people could read, and liked the thought that he was going to win.”

Buffett once said, “I read and think more, and so I make less impulsive decisions than most people in business. I do it because I like this way of life.”

Bill Gates nói về sự nghiệp vang dội của Warren Buffett là “điều mà ai cũng có thể làm” chỉ nhờ một bí quyết - Ảnh 2.

“The Legend of Omaha” – Warren Buffett

Todd Combs, a former hedge fund manager and current chief investment officer at Berkshire Hathaway, got great advice when he first met his current boss, Warren Buffett, in 2000, the year he started MBA at Columbia Business School. “The Legend of Omaha” once gave a lecture to Combs and 165 other students in an investment class.

When answering a question about what to prepare for an investment career, Buffett told students, “Read 500 pages like this every day,” as he spoke, reaching for a stack of guidebooks. and papers. “That’s how knowledge works. It accumulates, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will persist in doing it.”

Combs took this advice to heart ever since, and as soon as he started his investing career he read even more, sometimes reaching 1,000 pages a day.

Bloomberg once reported when talking about Todd Combs: “If he’s not in a meeting with analysts or taking a break to exercise, he will sit and read.”

The ravenous yet effective reading seemed to be a sharp weapon that helped him rise to where he is now.

The investment director also told Florida Alumni Magazine last year: “I read about 12 hours a day. Our offices are like a library. So I often read books. annual reports, conference call records, trade journals…”

Bill Gates nói về sự nghiệp vang dội của Warren Buffett là “điều mà ai cũng có thể làm” chỉ nhờ một bí quyết - Ảnh 3.

Todd Combs – current investment director of Berkshire Hathaway

Tech entrepreneur and self-made billionaire Mark Cuban is also an avid reader, and this habit has also helped him move forward in his career. He realized the value of reading while building his first technology company, MicroSolutions.

“I read every book and magazine I can,” Cuban shares on his blog.

“Everything I read is public,” he added. “Anyone can buy the same books and magazines. The same information is available to anyone who wants it. It’s just that quite a few people don’t want to do it.”

For Cuban, taking the time to “get a knowledge advantage” has helped him outperform his competitors. “Someone with a little bit of computer knowledge like me can compete with guys with a lot more experience, all because I took the time to learn all I could.” .

Bill Gates nói về sự nghiệp vang dội của Warren Buffett là “điều mà ai cũng có thể làm” chỉ nhờ một bí quyết - Ảnh 4.

Tech entrepreneur, self-made billionaire Mark Cuban

The stepping stone to success is many, one of which is constantly learning and accumulating knowledge through reading, the question is, are you persistent enough with it while others seem to indifferent to this habit should be fostered or not.

The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, the second best is now, you too, if you feel you are missing out on this must-have habit, start doing it now. You may not need to read up to 500 pages a day like Warren Buffett, but make sure that what you read every day is knowledge that really helps your goal and stick with it. Good luck!

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