Bill Gates ‘has the whole world’ but doesn’t have the marvelous quality of Steve Jobs that he admires and envies.

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Bill Gates ‘có cả thế giới’ nhưng lại không có được một phẩm chất kỳ diệu của Steve Jobs mà ông ngưỡng mộ và ghen tị - Ảnh 1.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are two of the world’s most admired leaders, especially in the last century. And the fierce competition between these two technology myths has led to a … friendship based on mutual respect until Jobs passed away in 2011.

Bill Gates, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft Corporation and the second richest person in the world, has repeatedly praised the past Apple cofounder for his leadership qualities as well as his miraculous ability to promote the people. tablets.

The former CEO of Microsoft talked about how he had to work hard to speak confidently to the crowd throughout his career. He admits his ability to speak in public is something that Steve Jobs stands out from him. This information was released on September 10 to promote the new Netflix documentary about Bill Gates’ life and career to be released on September 20.

Gates told the Wall Street Journal: “Steve Jobs always did it naturally, like instinct. This makes it easier for him to make people want to buy his product, even if it’s a product.” by-products “.

Bill Gates ‘có cả thế giới’ nhưng lại không có được một phẩm chất kỳ diệu của Steve Jobs mà ông ngưỡng mộ và ghen tị - Ảnh 2.

Steve Jobs makes a presentation at an Apple event.

According to the world’s second richest billionaire, even if he failed to leave Apple in the 1980s and created some products like the NeXT computer, “a catastrophic and absurd failure”, Steve Jobs still have the ability to fascinate people. Later, computer software company NeXT, founded by Jobs in 1985, was acquired by Apple for $ 429 million and he returned to work there.

Gates wishes he could have that quality of his late friend to raise awareness about the charitable activities he and his wife, Melinda Gates, are actively doing through the non-profit charity organization. their profits.

He said in an interview: “I wish I had the same magical quality as him because I need this ability to make a positive impact in a certain way and make sure that the issues that I care about are like rooms. fight disease or poverty not to sink into oblivion.

For example, eradication of polio is a concern, but I believe Steve Jobs’s ability to ‘sell everything’ will be more beneficial. I am not an activist myself. Although I have learned how to speak in public, I have only reached a temporary level. ”

Bill Gates ‘có cả thế giới’ nhưng lại không có được một phẩm chất kỳ diệu của Steve Jobs mà ông ngưỡng mộ và ghen tị - Ảnh 3.

Bill Gates is jealous of Steve Jobs’ ability to speak in public. (Illustration)

This is not the first time Gates praised Steve Jobs. Previously, he said: “Steve Jobs is one of the few people who can turn a company on the brink of bankruptcy into the most valuable company in the world, in part because of the ‘enchantment’ of he.

I’m like an apprentice witch because every time he launches a spell, everyone seems to be fascinated, but because I’m a witch, they won’t work for me. I have never met anyone who can compare to Jobs in the ability to choose talent, promote talent and comment on good design like him. ”

Even so, what Bill Gates is doing really means a lot. Bill & Melinda Gates is one of the largest private charities in the world with more than 50 billion dollars. In addition, Microsoft co-founder and investment legend Warren Buffett founded The Giving Pledge, a campaign to encourage hundreds of millionaires and billionaires to donate billions of dollars of their assets to charity.

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