Bill Gates claimed he was poorer than a black newspaper seller: He didn’t wait until he was rich to help others!

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On November 15, billionaire Bill Gates returned to the richest man in the world after more than two years to lose this throne to Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos. According to Bloomberg, the co-founder of Microsoft Group owns a net worth of 110 billion USD compared to 108.7 billion USD of Jeff Bezos.

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Billionaire Bill Gates.

Without giving away tens of billions of dollars to charity, the last two years, Gates is still the billionaire topped the world's rich list. Before Bezos was crowned king in 2017, Gates held the title for decades. Despite his wealth, the famous Microsoft boss is an extremely humble person. His stories have inspired lessons for generations and the story below is one of them:

Many years ago, when Bill Gates was the richest man on the planet, someone asked him, "Is anyone in this world richer than you?". And his "Yes, there is a richer person than me" answer surprised everyone.

The billionaire recounted:

"Many years ago, after graduating, I began to have an idea for Microsoft. Once, while at New York airport, I saw a newsstand and stopped there to buy one. But I discovered. I didn't have enough change, so I returned the newspaper to a black salesman.

Seeing this, this person said he would give me that newspaper. He insisted until I got it.

Three months later, I happened to land at that airport again and I didn't have enough change to buy newspapers. To my surprise, the previous shopkeeper once again gave me another sheet. I really felt awkward and refused, explaining that I had no change. At this point, the person said: 'You just take it, I share the newspaper from my profits and there is no loss'.

Then I asked, 'Bro, a few months ago, you gave me a newspaper. Who do you do with that, how can it be profitable? '.

The man replied, 'Of course, not everyone gives me newspapers. But when I want to, I will do it. '

Finally, I accepted the newspaper happily. The goodness of the sales person has been engraved in my mind and made me think a lot.

19 years later, I became rich and famous. At this point, I decided to find an old newspaper seller to thank him. After a month and a half, I also found a nice colored man. I invited him to see me and asked: 'Do you know what I am?' He replied, 'Of course, I'm Bill Gates, who the whole world knows about.'

I continued, "Do you remember ever giving me a free newspaper?" The man answered, 'Yes, I remember giving you two times.'

I said: 'I want to thank you for the times you helped me. So, what do you wish for, please tell me. I will help you accomplish anything in your power. '

He replied, 'Is there really anything I want?'.

I asserted: 'Certainly. I have been able to help dozens of countries. '

At that time, the newspaper seller's answer made me dumbfounded: 'Dear Bill Gates, you cannot repay me.'

'Why is that?'.

'You don't see the difference between us that I helped you when I was just a poor newspaper seller. For now, he is trying to help me as the richest man in the world. Such help is fundamentally not right for me. Anyway, I am really thankful for your kindness. '

That was the moment I realized that the newspaper seller was richer than me. Because he doesn't wait until he has lots of money to help others. "

The above story of billionaire Bill Gates has really made many people wake up. In life, you absolutely can help others in any situation, whether you are rich or poor.

Oil billionaire Rockerfeller once said: "The poorest person I know is someone who has nothing but money. For me, besides money, people also need to be sympathetic to the difficulties of others and willing to help. support them ".

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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ/Tổng hợp