Bethesda abandons the launcher, allowing gamers to move directly to Steam

Tram Ho

According to the latest announcement from Bethesda, this year the major game publisher (now part of Microsoft) will give up its own launcher system,, and allow users to integrate their own games on This store comes with Steam.

And yet, players’ e-wallets on will also be linked to Steam. Players will still be able to continue using until May of this year.

Bethesda từ bỏ launcher, cho game thủ chuyển thẳng nhà sang Steam - Ảnh 1.

All games players own on will be available for free on Steam. Bethesda insists you won’t lose any products, no progress, and the transitions will require some manual work. You will still need a login account to perform some procedures.

However, your account will still exist. ” Your account will not be lost, and will still be available for login on our homepage and in-game, and we will continue to support accounts in games,” Bethesda said. your future ”. The friend list on will also soon merge with the Steam friend list.

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Source : Genk