Best resources for Advanced iOS Developer (Swift)

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For a long time, I had a folder in my browser with a collection of articles and videos about iOS + Swift development that were good for me to read and reread many times. I am sure most developers have their own libraries.

So I decided to share by his list 🤓


Good iOS Application Architecture: MVVM vs. MVC vs. VIPER

Taming Great Complexity: MVVM, Coordinators and RxSwift

Redux Coordinators

iOS Architecture Patterns

Introduction to MVVM

Advanced iOS tutorial on MVVM

8 Patterns to Help You Destroy Massive View Controller

Dependency Injection, iOS and You

SOLID Principles Applied To Swift

Dependency Injection

Architecting iOS Apps with VIPER

A better MVC

Better ways to structure iOS apps


iOS at Scale: Modularization of the Wayfair App

Modular Architecture on iOS and how I decreased build time by 50%.

Modular Architecture in iOS


Protocols are more than Bags of Syntax

Generic Protocols with Associated Type

Swift: What are Protocols with Associated Types?

Swift World: Type Erasure

Keep Calm and Type Erase On

Protocol composition in Swift and Objective-C

A Little Respect for AnySequence

Writing a Network Layer in Swift: Protocol-Oriented Approach


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know on Sequence & Collection

Swift 5.1 Collection Diffing


How to Use Autoclosures and @autoclosure in Swift 3

What Do @escaping And @noescape Mean In Swift 3

You don’t (always) need [weak self]


All about Concurrency in Swift – Part 1: The Present

A deep dive into Grand Central Dispatch in Swift

Parallel programming with Swift: Basics

Parallel programming with Swift: Operations

Parallel programming with Swift: Promises

Parallel Programming with Swift: What could possibly go wrong?

Dispatch method

Method Dispatch in Swift

JSON parsing

Ultimate Guide to JSON Parsing with Swift


Dancing in the Debugger – A Waltz with LLDB

Debugging Swift code with LLDB

Using Xcode’s visual debugger and Instruments’ modules to prevent memory overuse

Advanced debugging with Xcode


Unit Tests, How to Write Testable Code and Why it Matters

Testing Delegates in Swift with XCTest

Better Unit Testing with Swift

Common unit testing techniques on iOS

Making Mock Objects More Useful

The complete guide to Network Unit Testing in Swift


Build it, Test it, Deliver it! Complete iOS Guide on Continuous Delivery with fastlane and Jenkins

FRP / RxSwift

Functional Reactive Awesomeness With Swift

Learn & Master ⚔️ the Basics of RxSwift in 10 Minutes

RxSwift by Examples # 1 – The Basics

Interactive diagrams of Rx Observables

Swift Functors, Applicatives, and Monads in Pictures


Problem Solving with Combine Swift

Will Combine kill RxSwift?

SwiftUI & Combine: Better Together

Machine Learning in iOS

Machine Learning in iOS: Turi Create and CoreML

Machine Learning in iOS: Azure Custom Vision and CoreML

Machine Learning in iOS: IBM Watson and CoreML

Perhaps I will edit and add many great sources to this article. If you have great posts that you would like to share, please don’t hesitate to share them with me in the comments section 😉

And don’t be shy 👏 if this article is helpful to you!

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