Besides Covid – 19, it should not be subjective to other pathogenic viruses

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Besides the new virus Covid – 19, people should not be subjective with other pathogenic viruses. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the body’s resistance, clean the air and the indoor environment.

The plague from viruses

At present, the disease of acute pneumonia caused by a new strain of corona virus (Covid-19) has affected hundreds of thousands of people in many countries around the world, including Vietnam. The situation is still tense in recent days.

Besides Covid virus – 19, people also need to be wary of many familiar flu viruses such as avian / bird flu with the H5N1 strain. The mechanism of transmission of this influenza A strain is from poultry to person through contact with faecal material or from the secretions of nose, mouth or eyes of infected birds or poultry. Influenza A H5N1 virus can also enter the human body through eating and drinking, such as ingesting poultry and sick poultry products during processing, undercooked cooking, and blood pudding. Poor personal hygiene, unclean hands also create conditions for getting H5N1 virus. There has not been confirmed the case of H5N1 virus spread from person to person because the H5N1 virus resides in cells deep in the lungs, so it is not spread through coughing, sneezing. But according to Dr. Ngu Duy Nghia, Head of the Department of Infectious Disease Control, Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, “Although H5N1 influenza has not been reported from human to human transmission, we must always be alert to the disease.” .

Not stopping there, seasonal flu (including influenza A and influenza B) causes respiratory illness. Seasonal flu may include fever, cough, sore throat, muscle aches, headache, runny or stuffy nose, fatigue, and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea. Symptoms appear suddenly after an incubation period of 2 to 5 days. Most people who recover from influenza recover completely after about two weeks, some (usually those with weakened immune systems) suffer from complications such as pneumonia, respiratory failure, or even death.

Prevention of disease from the inside out

To prevent common seasonal illnesses, as well as viral, bacterial diseases, in addition to fully and on-time vaccination vaccinations at eligible health facilities, health professionals also recommend people many different measures. That is to maintain a complete diet, balanced nutritional groups, supplement alkaline ionized water, or mineral vitamins. Exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps improve fitness and keep the balance in life. Maintain a positive spirit, think positively, avoid everyday stressors.

Besides, using technology to clean the air in the home, creating a clean, clean living space is also an effective measure to prevent pathogens. Panasonic’s proprietary nanoe ™ technology creates extremely small charged particles of particles containing free OH radicals. Trillions of OH radicals absorb hydrogen from viruses, bacteria, allergens, convert it into water and inhibit their activity.

Bên cạnh Covid - 19, không nên chủ quan với các virus gây bệnh khác - Ảnh 1.

Nanoe ™ technology releases OH radicals that inhibit the activity of viruses, bacteria and allergens

Now nanoe ™ technology has been integrated into many Panasonic products, especially air conditioner and air purification products to improve the health and living environment for everyone. From 2009 to 2012, in cooperation with universities and research laboratories in Japan and Germany, Panasonic carried out studies and tested the inhibitory effect of nanoe ™ activity on a variety of viruses and micro-organisms. Bacteria and harmful factors cause various allergies.

In particular, the ability to inhibit the virus of nanoe ™ with avian / avian influenza (H5N1 and H9N2 strains) and seasonal flu (H1N1) has been demonstrated in testing by Panasonic Corporation with National University, University Obihiro Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine and Japan Food Research Laboratories – Japan Food Research Laboratories. Test results showed that 99% of the infectious value of these virus strains was inhibited within 4 hours.

Bên cạnh Covid - 19, không nên chủ quan với các virus gây bệnh khác - Ảnh 2.

Nanoe ™ technology brings clean, fresh living space to the family

Ensuring your health, maintaining a clean and clean living space for your family is a part of preventing and controlling epidemics in the community. With the mission of bringing “A better life, a better world”, Panasonic will continue to develop technologies to improve air quality and quality of life in the future.

Nanoe ™ technology is a generic term for nanoe ™, nanoe ™ X, nanoe-G to work alone or in combination. Besides inhibiting the activity of bacterial viruses, nanoe ™ technology also has the ability to inhibit the action of mold in the air or adhesion; inhibition of allergens; inhibiting pollen; inhibits known toxic substances in PM2.5 fine dust; eliminate common odors; Moisturizes the skin and helps hair become softer and shinier.

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