Being monitored by cameras to every keystroke, Tesla factory workers are fed up: ‘We are treated like robots’

Tram Ho

Bị cài camera theo dõi đến từng lần gõ phím, công nhân nhà máy Tesla ngán ngẩm: Chúng tôi bị đối xử như robot - Ảnh 1.

According to Bloomberg, many employees of the Autopilot feature development department at the Tesla Gigafactory in Buffalo (USA) said they were upset about being “treated like a robot” while working at the factory.

Previously, in 2017, the American Automobile Union (UAW) conducted a survey at Tesla Gigafactory California about the working status of employees. Later, the National Labor Relations Board ruled that Tesla violated federal law about “coercive questioning” of employees, and even fired those who did not support the company.

Bị cài camera theo dõi đến từng lần gõ phím, công nhân nhà máy Tesla ngán ngẩm: Chúng tôi bị đối xử như robot - Ảnh 2.

However, Elon Musk has not been afraid to express his disdain for the UAW and the union. Tesla has denied the entire conduct and filed an appeal.

In 2022, Elon Musk continued to send an invitation to the UAW to conduct another vote and pledged not to interfere with any questioning. But the UAW has not yet accepted the offer.

During this time, Buffalo workers were confident that they would succeed and deserve higher wages. Along with that, Tesla also needs to reduce production pressure and ensure jobs to protect the health of workers.

According to the workers, Tesla even installed a device to track the number of keystrokes of employees to measure their working time. Therefore, the workers believe that “The establishment of a union will accelerate the sustainable restructuring of the company. From there, the employees will have the right to speak their mind and set goals for themselves. long-term spending”.

More than 1,900 employees currently work at the plant and more than 800 are in the Autopilot division. They are paid a salary of $ 19 an hour and are the leading department in the “struggle” with Elon Musk to form a union at Tesla.

Tesla has yet to comment on the employee union’s efforts. In addition, Tesla CEO – Elon Musk has not yet commented on the event or commented on the Twitter platform.

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